A month later, in the Gen. Clark Pendragon Mansion.

At the big balcony attached to the mansion, Clark stood, looking out into the distance as a lot of things went through his mind. The past one month has been the best in his life, and he was grateful for it.

Despite it being the best in his life, as a 4th rank high-grade soldier now, his intuition told him that something was happening.

As a high-grade soldier and mercenary, things happened everyday around him but he knew that this was not the normal happenings, his intuition told him that this was far higher than anything that he has encountered before.

And after making connections from the recent happenings, from his famous marriage ceremony, to the big 5 jointly broadcasting it, a lot of other things and now the Spartan President personally calling for him, he confirmed his guess.

Something big was happening, it was just that no one deemed it right to inform him about it yet. As a man

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