It is time to announce the winners of Tonight, We Are Young — Teen Fiction Writing Contest! During the four-month span of the contest, we have received loads of great works. Among all the entries that meet the contest requirements and rules, we have picked nine final winners that show exceptional creativity and great quality. Congratulations! Don't forget to check them out!

We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the writers who have participated in this contest. Please check out our other contests and stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

The Princes of Ravenwood


The Wolf Prince

Alphabetical B

My Bully is A Psycho

Angela xu

My Sister's Boyfriend: A Bully

Abigail Rose

My Alpha (Book One)

Taylor West

The badboy's hometown


Rejected By My Best Friend,
    Accepted By The Bad-Boy

Anna Campbell

Tolerating the player

Deb Oguare

His Little Wolf

becky j

Thank you again for your support and participation.
See you again soon! Protection Status