Chapter 12

Miss Fatima's POV

Today is indeed a good day. 

"It is nice to meet you again, Fatima," Sydney, my old classmate and friend, said while having shakehands with me.

"I feel the same," I replied. 

"Maybe in other times, if we are not busy, we can hangout. I want to meet your husband and also Sarah."

"It is my pleasure to introduce you to them. Bye. Have a safe trip to Spain," I said.

She gave me a warm hug before leaving.

Yes. She is now going to Spain for a business trip. She said that she will stay there for almost three months. 

Sydney is a very busy person, and also a successful businesswoman. 

I remember when we are still studying in highschool, we are in the same class. Our subject teachers are mad at her for she does not pass the requirements on time. 

Sydney is intelligent, but lazy. We became close when we became each other's partner during our activity in Science. 

I told her that she will be our top 1 if she will be industrious and will pass all of the requirements on time. 

She did what I said to her. And as I expected, she became the top of our class. Now, look at her. She is very successful. 

I looked at my watch and I realized that it is already fifteen minutes past twelve. 

I went to my car and drive to our house. Sarah and I have piano lesson today. I am so excited to teach her. 

I know that Sarah is a fast-learner. I know that playing piano is not difficult for her not just because she is also intelligent, but because she already had the experience way back in her childhood. 


At exactly 12:47 pm, I arrived the house. When enter, I saw Sarah sitting in the couch and watching television. 

"What are you watching, Sarah?" I asked her as I sit beside her.

"Sherlock Holmes," she answered shortly. 

"You like detective movies?" I asked.

"Uhm, not really."

"Then why are you watching that kind of show?"

"I have no choice. Other channels are all news while some are cartoons."

I nod at her answer. 

"Did you already have you lunch?" I asked her while walking to the kitchen.

"Yes. Uhm, what time will we start practicing the piano?" She asked me while still landing her eyes on the television. 

"After I eat my lunch. For now, just watch the television."


After that, I eat my lunch which is vegetable salad and an orange shake. While Sarah, keeps on watching on the television. 

While eating, my phone rang. I open it to see who is the caller and I found out that the caller is Sandro.

"Hello, love. Why did you call?"

(I call to check you and Sarah. Are you doing well?)

"Oh yes, Sandro. We are fine."

(By the way, I thought you are going to meet Sydney?)

"Oh yes. I just came home from our meet-up."

(I see.)

"Don't you have a meeting?"

(It is twelve noon, Love. It is breaktime.)

"Ah. I forgot."

(Just call me if you need help okay?)

"Yes, Sandro."

(Bye. I love you.)

"I love you too."

The call ended.

I am very lucky to have Sandro in my life. He us very sweet and thoughtful. There is no day that he did not call us even when he is at work. He calls to check us, if we are doing fine or there is a problem. He also checks if we already ate our food. I feel like I am the luckiest lady in the world. 

I continue to eat my lunch. I need to train Sarag for the piano contest that Sandro said to us. Of course, we want to bring home the crown. We also want to prove to Rhea that she is wrong. We do not want Rhea to stomp on us. We want Rhea to realize that all of the harsh words that she catapulted to us are all false truth. 


"So, first, show me anything you can do in piano," I said to Sarah as a start of our training.

She starts to hit the keys of the piano. 

Wow. I admit that she is a good pianist. Although she has not played piano for a long time, like what she said, she still remember the notes and correct keys to use.

I am just listening to her and watching her finger to move freely above the piano. 

"Wow! It is amazing!" I said as I clap my hands after she performed her piece.

"Oh, that is too much. I mean, what I have showed is only simple," she replied.

"No dear. That was amazing! Look, you have not played piano for so many years but you played a fantasic piano piece."

"But I still want to be better. I can't even master Antonio Vivaldi's Summer or Franz Liszt's La Campanella."

"Dear, you are only starting. If we train everyday, I am sure you can master those pieces. And, those songs you said are really hard to play. Patience is a virtue."

She smiled at me.

"You can do it okay? Now, try to do this song," I said as I lend her the music sheet.


"See! I told you that you can do it!" I exclaimed to her.

"Maybe I was just doubting myself so that I thought that I can not do this all. But you are right. Thank you for cheering me," Sarah said with a smile on her face.

"Just trust on us. We will help you. And you are a fast learner so you will find it easy to learn the pieces you said a while ago."

- - -

Rhea's POV

I am currently watching in the television when a very great news suddenly appear in its screen.

"The famous restaurant, Dela Cerna Restaurant, lead by Ms. Fatima Dela Cerna, was closed by the police because of the untidiness of its chef's area. One costumer found out that the said part of the restaurant was filled with different insects such as cockroaches. Police Department is now investigating about this issue."

I let my laugh come out after I heard this news.

"My plan worked properly."

I call Dwyane to come to my house and to celebrate our success.

After minutes of waiting, Dwyane finally arrived in my house, with a wine on his hand. 

"Let's have a toast for our success!"

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