Living in a World of Black and White

Living in a World of Black and White

By:  aristeia_maria  Completed
Language: English
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Sarah Montreal has only one dream, and that is her mother to love her back and consider her as her daughter. But things went wore when her mother banished her and let her live with her dad and it's new lover. But still, in the end of the day, she came back her real home.

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Rehana Siraj
wow. the first chapter is very unique and intriguing that what will happen to Sara now. will read the rest also. amazing book
2020-06-27 02:46:47
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I have a feeling that Rhea will die in the end ? but I wish that won't happen. Please update author. I love reading it.
2020-05-29 19:13:51
user avatar
Plz update ASAP!!!!
2020-04-20 14:21:29
user avatar
Waiting for the next update
2020-02-24 09:12:47
user avatar
Just take a look. The essay of this article is really good and the storyline is attractive. I hope you can continue to write more. ???
2020-01-15 13:46:39
user avatar
Very good plot
2020-01-14 20:54:27
user avatar
good good i like this
2021-09-13 17:33:29
user avatar
The first chapter got me ?
2020-09-17 20:54:53
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onu victoria
Full of suspense and short.. I love it.. but the book needs to be edited because of typographical errors
2021-07-13 03:22:10
default avatar
This isn't a bad story line, but the translation to English is terrible. If I hadn't known people that their native language was not English, I would not have been able to read this book.
2021-05-10 16:54:09
48 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sarah's POVEveryone's tears started to fall down as the white, hexagonal funerary box is buried beneath the ground. "She's too young. She still has big dreams," the one beside me murmured.As the well-built men lift the coffin, a woman suddenly burst out rain from her eyes. "Oh, Samantha! My daughter! Why did you leave me so early?"The people near that woman comfort her, trying to stop her from crying.But, her eyes are like a cracked dam, and the people are just small ants who's trying to fix the dam to stop the water flow. "I am all alone now. Please give me back my daughter!" the woman exclaimed.Really? You're all alone? Then what about me? Am I just an air?I am also your daughter!
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Chapter 2
Sarah's POVDad went down from his room, but this time, he has his two big bags with him."Where do you think are you going?!" Mom shouted at him.Instead of answering Mom's question, he continues to walk and ignore her interrogation. Mom runs after him and holds his arm."I said, where are you going?!" Mom repeated her question."It's none on your business," he coldly said."W-what? It is my responsibility to know where you are going! I am your wife!" "My wife?" my father laugh, then he handed a folder."Here. That's our divorce paper. I already signed it."After that, he immediately walk away. He enters his car and drove. He left us.I want to chase him, but I know that my power
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Chapter 3
Third Person's POVThe woman was woke by their maid.”Madam Rhea? Are you feeling well?“ the maid asked her.The woman was still recovering herself from headache and dizziness, but she managed to answer her maid.“I just felt tired,” Rhea answered.Rhea tried to show that she is strong enough to lift herself up from the bed. However, she failed to do it. She suddenly collapse and luckily, one of the maids is alert. She didn't fell on the floor. If that happened, maybe the dizziness and headache she is experiencing right now will get worse.“Ma'am, we suggest that you must stay in bed," the maid with a small mole on her lips. "I am sorry but I need to go to work."Rhea forces herself to get out of the bed, but just like what happened earl
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Chapter 4
Third Person's POV"Your mom's second husband."That four-word sentence gives confusion to Sarah."What? Are you serious?" the lady asked him.The man can sense that Sarah has a doubt on what he is saying. "Look, I am here to have some rest. And if you are here to disturb me, or if this is just a prank, please, stay away,” Sarah added with irritability in her voice."This is not a prank," the man said.Sarah was stun for seconds. The way the man is talking to her, it is very firm and it looks like he is very serious about what he is saying."I am looking for Rhea. Please tell me where she is," the man said.This time, his voice is in the tone of begging. Not just his voice, but also his eyes. Sarah can clearly see his eyes beg
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Chapter 5
Sarah's POVUsually, we are awake by the bright light that is touching our eyes in every morning. However, it is not the reason why I am going to get of the bed this early. I woke up because of the loud voices coming from the ground floor of our house. Their shouts hurts my ear."This is my property," one voice firmly stated.Is that Mom?Even I am having a hard time opening my eyes and even I am still sleepy for those shouts interrupted me from sleeping peaceful, I still managed to put my self to walk down the stairs to know what is happening in the first floor and where do those loud noise is coming from.I can still hear those shouts. I can not see the who is quarreling in the ground floor for everything I can see is still blur. Maybe this is because I just woke up some seconds ago and my body is still in recovery mode or my body really nee
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Chapter 6
Sarah's POV"You made the right decision, my daughter," my dad said.Leaving my mom is not an easy thing. I love her more than my life. But after what she did to me? All I can say is she does not deserve that everlasting love that I am offering to her."What now?" I asked my father.We are here in his car. I do not know where we are going. I just saw him waiting for me at the gate of our house."I will introduce you to your new mother," he said.My eyebrows met because of his answer. New mother? What does he mean?"New mother? What?" I asked him."Yes." He nod. "Your new mother.""I do not understand. Is that your new partner?" I asked with confusion.Seriously, I do not
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Chapter 7
Sarah's POVI was busy eating my breakfast when Miss Fatima approach me."Good morning, Sarah," she greeted me."Good morning, Miss Fa- I mean, Mom."She smiled at me. She sat on the chair in front of me and stir her coffee."Sarah?" I looked at her. "Uhm, yes?""Please do not force yourself. I know that you are new to this. You don't have to call me "mom" or treat me as your true mother immediately. Of course you need to be comfortable in this relationship but I am not forcing you. I know that it will take time. For now, treat me as a close friend," she said to me."Thank you for understanding me, Miss Fatima," I said and I gave her my widest smile.She hugged me tight. 
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Chapter 8
Dwyane's POV"I don't have any daughter. If I have, that is only Samantha, but she is already dead."Wait- what? Is she serious?"W-what?""Why? Got any problem with that?" she asked.I do not want to have an argument with her, because I know in the end, she will win even if she is not right. Rhea does like to win everytime, and once she fail, she will not accept it. She will do everything to claim the top even if it leads to the destruction of other's life."Nothing. I am just shocked." I said."Please do not talk about that Sarah, or about Sandro. You are going to ruin my day.""I am sorry Rhea. I just want to clear things."She turned the television off before she answered me."If y
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Chapter 9
Miss Fatima's POV"I feel like I'm just missing, somewhere whenever you leave, " I sang.”We've got all the ingredients, except you loving me, " Sarah continued the song."And respectfully, " we both sang while Sarah is clapping her hands with the beat.We laughed at each other. I just can not imagin that Sarah likes the singer that I love, which is Melanie Martinez."How did you discover Melanie Martinez by the way?" I asked her while driving. "My friend way back high school introduce me to Melanie. At first, I was not convince that Melanie is a great singer. But after I heard her song? My mind changed.""Melanie's songs are really meaningful.""So true, " she said.After that, the car was filled with silence. So I decided to play the radio to have some sound trip.After moments of being quite, Sarah speak.
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Chapter 10
Sarah's POV"That Rhea shouts at you in the restaurant?" My dad screams.He is very angry. Miss Fatima tried to hide what happened in the restaurant, but because there are several people who witnessed the scene, the news spread. Unfortunately, the news came to dad."Yes dad," I answered.I jumped in shock when he suddenly hit the table with his hands. I know that with his moves, he is already drowning in the waves of anger. I know him. Since I was a child, there are only few times I saw him being this angry."She is really unbelievable! I already give her all of the properties she needs but still, she did not stop on insulting the both of you," dad said. "I'll confront her.""No no no. Please. Let us just, forgive her. Maybe she is just stressed that time that is why she said that," Miss Fatima said while holding Dad's arms."No. I will not let her to insult you. Es
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