Chapter 760

She understood that he did it for Xiaoxiao, but he was simply being too rash. He did not even discuss the matter with her and Shijin.

One could imagine how gleeful his father was right then.

After Lu Shengyao listened to her, he demurred and felt a little fearful. "Sis... I’m doing this because there’s no other way."

Tang Ruochu gave him a comforting smile. "I understand how you feel, and I don't blame you."

The deed was already done, and it was far too late to be pointing fingers now.

The most important thing now was to tell Shijin about it so that he would be mentally prepared for what might happen next.

As she was unable to reach Xiaoxiao on the phone, Tang Ruochu went straight to her home.

When the servant of the Ying household saw her, it was like she had seen a savior. "Ms. Ruochu, please go upstairs and see the young lady. She’s locked herself in her room since she came back, and won't open the door no matter how much Madam tries to coax her," she anxiously said.

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