Chapter 762

"If you’re not going in, we’re going back." If this meant wronging her even more, he would rather continue to be angry at his grandfather and not see him.

"Mofei," Song Anyi whispered somewhat helplessly, "do you know that you’re just making things even more complicated? Now, go in and have a good chat with Grandpa. Perhaps, he will even accept me. But if you leave now, he will never accept me, and he’ll think that I'm a bad woman who’s stopping you from seeing him."

"But..." He just felt sorry for her.

"Mofei, I know your intentions. If you mean well, go in."

Seeing her gentle eyes, Shen Mofei sighed heavily. "I'm really no match for you."

There was strong affection in his resigned tone.

"Wait for me outside, then." He leaned forward and kissed her forehead before he opened the door and walked in.

Watching as the door closed again, Song Anyi lowered her head and smiled. Soon after, she turned around to sit down on a bench near the wall. She looked up subconsciously and saw Xu
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