Chapter 192

Even though she had a bad relationship with Tang Song, she knew his health condition well.

Tang Song always took good care of his body and loved outdoor exercise. Even when he was working, he never forced himself to work too hard. After all, given his age, his body would suffer tremendously if he worked too hard.

Tang Ruochu also knew that the Tang Group had been developing and growing steadily in recent years, without many challenges to their operations. In such a scenario, there shouldn't be a situation for him to suffer from tremendous fatigue.

Therefore, it did seem strange that Uncle Zhao said that her father suddenly twitched uncontrollably and fainted.

Unknowingly, Tang Ruochu felt that something was amiss. She wanted to ask Zhao Xiaowan exactly what happened.

However, as she was about to ask, she noticed the evading glance of the latter.

Even though it had only flashed across for a second, Tang Ruochu noticed that glance.

Tang Ruochu's heart thumped as she squinted her e
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