Chapter 282

It was a simple response. However, it clearly explained what had happened last evening.

Last night, she was fooled by the clear and innocent eyes of Shen Qian. She thought that she had met a real fan, but it turned out to be a fake fan who wanted to harm her.

If not for his help, she would be in deep trouble now.

Knowing that she had escaped from disaster, she looked at Yan Xu with thankful eyes. "Thank you. If not for you, I could imagine that the consequences would be unbearable."

Yan Xu knew that he only discovered such a horrible scheme by these malicious people because he had kept a close eye on her yesterday evening.

Su Tian'ai, Ji Yinfeng, Gu Ruoruo, Lin Hai, Shen Qian... He would never let these people off.

A slightly murderous and hateful gaze arose in her eyes. However, he quickly hid it and replaced it with a peal of light laughter. He said with a gentle voice, "You're welcome."

Tang Ruochu smiled in return before pursing her lips. After a little hesitation, she asked
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