Chapter 307

The appearance of the video completely disrupted Su Tian'ai's next plan. What made things worse was...

Shen Mofei was back.

As soon as he came back, he immediately convened a press conference. Su Tian's resolute attitude caused Su Tian'ai to have no power to resist him at all.

"As the CEO of Times Entertainment News, I am deeply sorry for the impact of this incident."

When Shen Mofei went onto the stage, the first thing he did was to apologize. Then, he suddenly changed the subject. "Tang Ruochu is one of our best reporters. Now that she had suffered such an attack, we will use the law to prove her innocence. At the same, the company will also have people collecting the data of those who defamed her online. We are not excluding the possibility of suing them."

As soon as these words were said, there was uproar at the scene. The reporters all looked at each other. They hadn't been expecting that in just a few days, Times Entertainment News's attitude would change so drastically.

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