Chapter 341

That day, when Tang Ruochu returned to her ward after the checkup, she was astonished to see the person on her sofa. She then called out in surprise, "Li Na, why are you here?"

The person was indeed Li Na.

Li Na stood up and smiled gently, "I am here to visit you."

"Thank you," Tang Ruochu replied politely and respectfully.

Then, she turned to the person accompanying her, "Mu Lin, you can leave now."

Shijin was supposed to accompany her for the checkup today. However, due to an urgent matter in his company, he asked Mu Lin to go in his place.

She found it fortunate that Shijin was not here, for Li Na would have exposed their relationship then.

Even though Li Na wasn't a busybody, it would still be inconvenient if she found out about it.

Mu Lin raised his head and left, without saying a single word.

"Xiao Tang, who is that man?" Li Na found that man familiar to her.

"My cousin." Tang Ruochu made something up. She glanced at the lilies on the table and, in an attempt to change
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