Chapter 660

Lin Xuezhi, whose scheme had been exposed, did not feel embarrassed. Instead, she admitted to it frankly. "We have indeed investigated you. After all, you're married to Shijin. We must have a certain understanding of his wife."

"Ha." Lu Shijin snickered and looked at Lu Dingbang and Lin Xuezhi. his eyes full of scorn. "Don't tell me that by investigating my wife you are just concerned about me."

Lu Dingbang stared fixedly at him, his face tense. He did not utter a word.

However, Lin Xuezhi was still smiling. She explained. "Shijin, in a family like ours, so many women are trying to win your favor..."

When he heard this, Lu Shijin immediately and rudely cut off her words. "Do you mean yourself, Auntie Lin?"

Lin Xuezhi was startled and then understood what he meant. The smile on her face became somewhat forced. "Shijin, are you..."

There was deeper scorn on Lu Shijin's lips. "Did I say something wrong? Did you not get close to my father and make my mother leave? Make yourself his l
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