Chapter 665

Tang Ruochu asked what they each liked before making the orders.

Chu Yuan could not help but sigh with emotion. "Sister-in-law is so considerate, she's taking care of all our tastebuds."

Tang Ruochu looked up at him and said with a faint smile, "It's what I ought to do. You're all Shijin's best friends. If I ever fall out with him, I need you guys to be on my side."

When he heard this, Shen Mu raised an eyebrow. "So you're trying to win us over, aren't you, Sister-in-law?"

"That's right," Tang Ruochu admitted frankly. Then, she turned her head and pretended to be vicious to Lu Shijin. "Shijin, don't make me angry, or they'll be nasty to you."

Lu Shijin raised his slender brows slightly and there were amusement and tenderness in his eyes. He said softly, "Don't worry, my lady. Such a day will never come to pass."

Tang Ruochu lightly bit her lip, a sweet smile spreading across her beautiful, small face.

At this moment, there came a sudden cry from the side. "Oh no, I'm blind!"

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