Chapter 719

Zhao Xiaowan was dead.

Tang Ruochu sat in a chair outside the Emergency Room, her hands trembling nonstop and her body shaking uncontrollably.

She had not gotten over the terror of seeing Zhao Xiaowan falling. The moment she closed her eyes, the scene of Zhao Xiaowan dropping to her death would replay in her mind.

She could not believe that her nemesis, Zhao Xiaowan, had died just like that.

Even though she resented her, she had never wished for things to get to that point.

Gu Ruoruo's heartwrenching cries kept coming from the Emergency Room, and the sorrow in her voice pounded against her head like a hammer. It was painful and extremely uncomfortable.

Xing Qi walked out of the Emergency Room and saw Tang Ruochu sitting alone. Furrowing his brows, he approached her and found her shaking.

"Ms. Tang, are you all right?" he asked in concern. Hearing his voice, Tang Ruochu looked up and saw him. She forced herself to speak. "I'm fine."

Xing Qi frowned even more. "Ms. Tang,
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