Chapter 246 A Big Hat

Ye Tian saw a big green hat on his son’s head at that instant…

“Waaah —” Next, he heard the lady bawl miserably and said, “Darling, I’ve missed you like crazy!”

The instant the lady and the man hugged, the freezing air around dispersed. The man, who had been unwavering earlier, was suddenly flustered. He embraced the petite lady in his arms while comforting her clumsily. “There, there~ Don’t cry, I’ve missed you too.”

This time, everyone else was stupefied.

They were astonished by the turn of events, as well as the ridiculous scene.

In particular, the two middle-aged men had a strange look on their faces.

Gu Xi cried so terribly as though she finally reunited with her lover, whom she had parted from for a long time. She felt so wronged and sad that she could not control her emotions.

Her tears soaked Xing Beiyan’s shirt.

Xing Beiyan had initially planned to teach her a lesson once she returned, but he did not have other emotions apart from feeling sorry for her.

He wa
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