Rebirth of the Scheming Wife

Rebirth of the Scheming Wife

By:  A Light-hearted Song  Completed
Language: English
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Betrayal. A young woman, Gu Xi, was deceived and murdered by those she deeply trusted. However, instead of dying, her soul was sent back 5 years into the past, giving her the chance to relive her life. Only this time, with enough knowledge about the future to change her destiny. Now she seeks revenge against those who have wronged her, and to live the life she believes she deserves.

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Bianca Oliveira
I love this story but it’s incomplete but shows completed as status? Has this been dropped?
2022-09-28 20:11:26
user avatar
Olipah Mwasawa
the finishing is terrible you leave people hanging
2022-08-29 16:59:24
user avatar
Jesaida Astillero
it's hanging
2022-08-29 07:55:45
user avatar
Maricar Duran
why theres no update.?
2022-08-18 01:19:39
user avatar
hazel espiritu
any updates please
2022-04-28 20:31:43
user avatar
Ayesha Ahmed
I am totally in love with this book!!
2022-03-22 18:08:20
user avatar
Chia Zamora
love the story it's very exciting to read
2021-12-31 00:09:51
user avatar
Carolyn Castle
that's not the ending is it seems unfinished
2021-12-30 22:44:40
user avatar
Really good!!!!
2021-12-21 08:06:16
user avatar
sky kim
I'm happy that I've read your novel.
2021-12-11 07:13:34
user avatar
Lourdes Cayat Ligmayo
yeah guxi just go to restroom and its the ending wtf
2021-10-03 12:24:36
user avatar
Phung Nhi
You can find the remaining of the book on search engines under the same title. Currently it is up to 1000+ chapters
2021-09-08 02:22:20
user avatar
Rica Joy Soriano L
nice book,,hopefully,,book 2 is waiting.
2021-09-07 15:27:02
user avatar
Opez Jasper
what happend why its completed already?,,
2021-09-02 22:14:05
user avatar
Jerwin Radin
this novel is not yet finish..what happen to the writer?
2021-08-31 18:35:53
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443 Chapters
Chapter 1 Set-up
“Younger Sister, this is the child you had with Xing Beiyan. You’re such a fool, aren’t you? You were already three months pregnant. Why would you lose your temper and run away from home?”In a white hospital ward, a girl in a white Chanel dress approached the hospital bed with a clear glass bottle in her hand. She had a wicked smile on her face and shook the glass bottle as she spoke.Gu Xi stared at the glass bottle and screamed as though she had gone insane. “You’re so noisy!” Gu Xue’er slapped Gu Xi’s cheek. Already in an extremely weak state; Gu Xi’s cheek became visibly red and swollen almost immediately. Gu Xue’er tried to shake off the numb, tingling sensation in her hand. “Oh, right. Big Brother Han and I will be having our engagement party tomorrow. Since you’re crippled, you probably won’t be able to attend the party. That’s why we’ve specially invited the media to broadcast the party live on television. Younger Sister, you have to remember to watch!” she said with a prou
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Chapter 2 Reborn
Deep red blood flowed from Gu Xi’s forehead, but her eyes were instantly drawn to the shattered glass bottle on the ground outside the window. ‘I’m sorry. I’m sorry, my baby. Mama will come and keep you company now…’ “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Argh!!!”Gu Xi was drenched with sweat as she sat up on the hospital bed. Her chest rose and fell violently while she gasped for air, looking as though she had just gone through a terrifying incident. “Young Master, please wait a second!” Someone threw the door open with a loud bang. Then, an upset-looking Xing Beiyan rushed into the room.“Xixi!” His expression turned dark when he saw that the person on the bed was curled up in agony; then shoved everyone out of his way before striding over.Upon hearing his voice, Gu Xi, who had been weeping bitterly, raised her head abruptly; her red and puffy eyes filled with disbelief. ‘Xing, Xing Beiyan!?’ “Xixi, are you feeling unwell?” When he saw her pale complexion, Xing Beiyan touched her face with a
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Chapter 3 Beware of the Innocent-looking Girl
Though the atmosphere in the room was heavy, Gu Xi slept peacefully in bed. Her face was as pale as a blank sheet of paper. If it had not been for her faint breathing, she would seem like a person who had passed away peacefully. Xing Beiyan held onto her hand tightly and appeared to be even paler than her. “Young Master, the Gu family members have come,” Butler Wang stated in a low voice after walking into the room. Upon hearing the two words “Gu family,” Xing Beiyan’s gaze darkened and swept over the rest of the people in the room. “You may all leave now.” They finally sighed in relief and exited the room. Xing Beiyan stared intently at Gu Xi and let go of her hand before striding out of the room. Right after the door closed shut, the girl who had just fallen into deep sleep suddenly opened her eyes. In the living room downstairs, Madam Gu and Gu Xue’er stood waiting with worried expressions on their faces. As Xing Beiyan descended the stairs, his presence immediately attract
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Chapter 4 I Have Returned
Xing Beiyan laughed humorlessly to himself and thought, ‘If it hadn’t been for you ruthless people creating trouble behind my back, my Xixi wouldn't have turned out this way.’His gaze grew colder, and just as he was about to speak, a frail girl’s voice echoed from upstairs. “Is it Elder Sister Xue’er?”Xing Beiyan whipped his head around and felt his heart skip a beat when his eyes fell upon the girl standing at the top of the stairs. Despite her unkempt hair, she still looked beautiful and alluring. “Xixi, you’re finally awake.” Gu Xue’er had a somewhat stiff expression on her face. However, by the time Xing Beiyan turned back to them, she looked so emotional that her tears were about fall. Gu Xi’s gaze swept over her sister and Madam Gu and then settled on the guy who seemed rather dumbstruck. As her gaze rested on him, tears immediately welled up in her eyes as she called out in a trembling voice, “Darling.” Her tone of voice contained too much grief, guilt, remorse, and many
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Chapter 5 Loving His Wife As His Own Life
‘For the sake of my child and Xing Beiyan, I’ll make your life a living hell in this lifetime!’ Gu Xi loosened her grip and gently pulled away from Xing Beiyan. He could finally hold his beloved wife in his arms after all these years, how could Xing Beiyan bring himself to release her from his embrace? “Darling, let go of me first. Elder Sister Xue’er and Madam are still waiting for me,” Gu Xi said softly and pushed against his firm, muscular chest while blushing. Being a twenty-year-old young lady, her voice became sweet and extremely pleasant to the ear when she spoke in such a gentle manner. Xing Beiyan took a deep breath and finally released her but kept an arm strongly wrapped around her waist to show his domineering nature.Gu Xi did not object to this. While her face looked thin and sickly, a faint smile lingered at the corner of her lips as she leaned close to her husband and made her way to the other two women.“Xixi, are you okay?” Madam Gu asked hesitantly as she clearl
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Chapter 6 Losing Despite the Advantage
“But Elder Sister, you said that I’ll stop hurting once I take those sleeping pills, so I bought them because I’m scared of pain. I always feel uncomfortable when I wake up, which is why I get angry,” Gu Xi muttered.It turned out that Gu Xue’er was the one that had orchestrated everything. It made complete sense to Xing Beiyan since Xixi was not courageous enough to commit suicide.Xing Beiyan glared at Gu Xue’er as if he wished she was dead.“Drag her away, I want her out of my sight,” he ordered coldly.“No, no, Big Brother Xing, please don’t treat me like this. I beg you, don’t take me away.”Once Gu Xue’er heard Xing Beiyan’s order, the color drained from her face as she started wailing.“Son-in-law, let’s talk first. Xue’er is a naive girl, she must not have known that Xixi would actually commit suicide at that time. After all, she’s still Xixi’s elder sister. Please, I beg of you, please have mercy on her.” Madam Gu was terrified as well. She knew what would happen to her daught
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Chapter 7 Revenge
Since the Xing family had enormous power and influence, an incident like that had naturally generated quite a stir. Xing Beiyan was affected terribly by this because their enemies had taken the opportunity to publicize things even further.Gu Xi had despised him back then and had even said that he deserved it behind his back. She never once realized that she was the one that had caused everything.Regret filled her as she thought about it.Gu Xi admitted that, from the very beginning, she was extremely unwilling to marry Xing Beiyan. In order to escape the marriage later on, she made a lot of mistakes in the name of the Gu family. In the fourth year of their marriage, she caused a major accident because she was drunk yet Xing Beiyan bared the responsibility for her regardless of everything, causing him to be beaten down by the Xing family.It was then that Gu Xi immediately realized the ones that had told her they would help her no matter what, the family that said they loved her uncon
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Chapter 8 An Inexpressive Compliment
Aunt Wang exclaimed in surprise at Gu Xi’s voice. When she turned around to see the hard-to-handle Young Madam, she felt her heart drop.Did she think they were being too slow?“All of you hurry up now, can’t you see Young Madam is waiting?” Aunt Wang stated quickly after she noticed everyone trembling with fear.Nobody expected the Young Madam, who usually never returned home, to suddenly run into the kitchen.“Don’t be so scared, everyone. I’m just here to take a look at things, I’m not even hungry yet.” The bad temper Gu Xi had in her previous life had made the maids of the house hate her. Although they never showed it outwardly, they would always gossip about her behind her back.Most of them usually vented about how unfair it was to Xing Beiyan.However, she wanted to live a comfortable life this time so, naturally, she would need to get along well with these people.“Young Madam, you may wait outside. We’ll be done soon,” Aunt Wang said politely.“It’s okay, I can help out. I wan
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Chapter 9 This Man's Too Bad
What?Did they hear Xing Beiyan correctly?He did not even chew the piece of fruit once before he swallowed it!Gu Xi’s eyes shifted into crescents, her happiness was evident.Nobody knew that even Gu Xi, who had been born again, did not know what exactly Xing Beiyan liked to eat.As long as she was the one offering the food, even if it was poisonous, Xing Beiyan would swallow it without hesitation.Therefore, Gu Xi naively assumed that he did love eating what she had made.Noticing that she was reaching for another piece, Aunt Wang quickly rushed over to say, “Young Master, Young Madam, the food is ready.”This earned her a dissatisfied stare from her Young Master.Very well, it was obvious that Aunt Wang’s kindness had not been accepted since the Young Master liked that his wife was feeding him.Sweat beaded lightly on everyone’s foreheads.“Let’s eat, we should eat first.” Gu Xi had reacted to it a moment too late. She patted her forehead lightly before pulling him to the dining tab
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Chapter 10 You Were So Fierce Just Now Too
Since Gu Xi could help her family and the love of her life, Gu Xue’er decided to focus on this point, which made it hard for Gu Xi to reject her.At that time, Gu Xue’er had vowed that if they succeeded, they would do everything in their power to help Gu Xi with the divorce.Thus, Gu Xi foolishly agreed.Therefore, news that was originally only known by a few people on the inside had been disclosed. The Gu family even took the opportunity to publicize it further by selling the news to other companies. In the process of earning a lot of money through selling the news, they also sold their decency.As for Gu Xue’er, the person behind everything, she was naturally praised endlessly by her father. She joined the Gu Family Group’s Board of Directors before she graduated university, and was even brought along to most meetings by her father, making her famous.What was ridiculous about the entire thing was that Gu Xi was even happy for Gu Xue’er.At that time, Gu Xi truly did see them as her
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