Chapter 407 The Impending Danger

"My father was poisoned. We came here to find a herb. We heard that it was inside, so we had to come in." Nan Sheng did not hide anything and said.

Gu Xi's eyes flickered.

Herbs... Could it be that they were looking for the same herb that Xing Beiyan looked for?

Mo Fan said, "We're here to join the Dark Domain. We bought the map. You won't understand even if we tell you." He shrugged.

Gu Xi glanced at him lazily. "So, you want to be killers?"

"You know the Dark Domain?" Mo Fan's face became serious with her words.

"Hum? Is there anyone in the black market who doesn't know about the existence of the Dark Domain?" Gu Xi smiled and teased. "Otherwise, how do you think an ordinary person can enter the black market with a child?"

"Are you from the black market?" It was Nan Sheng and the others' turn to be surprised.

After all, in their eyes, the people of the black market were all cunning and vicious.

Therefore, although they couldn't see Gu Xi's face clearly, they could still feel
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