Chapter 210 A Shameless Person Is Invincible

Previously, Gu Xi was thinking about sharing the gossip with Xing Beiyan, but it turned out that he was the main character in it.

Gu Xi had mixed feelings.

Before she returned to her seat, the lady named Annie noticed her.

Annie was facing her, whereas Xing Beiyan had his back facing her.

The lady took a very swift glance at Gu Xi as though she did not know her, then continued talking happily on her own, and even stood up to get closer to Xing Beiyan.

From Gu Xi’s perspective, it was such an intimate pose, as if Annie was kissing Xing Beiyan.

‘She did it on purpose, and she knows who I am.’

That was Gu Xi’s first impression of her.

Earlier when the lady noticed her, she was obviously startled for a moment! Although it was for a very brief moment, the sharp-eyed Gu Xi caught sight of it.

The way the lady behaved after that was clearly to make Gu Xi misunderstand.

‘Do you think that I’m the same fool I was in my past life?’

Gu Xi sneered and then walked over to put
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