Chapter 228 He’s Serious

Everyone shivered out of fear.

“Continue the shoot, and send me a copy of the video once it’s done!” After giving his order, Xing Beiyan left the venue without looking back.

The crowd sighed.

‘He’s really cruel!’

On the other hand, Luo Yang and the others had returned after finishing their shoot.

Since they were focusing on the shoot that took place a distance away, they did not notice that Gu Xi had left.

Seeing as the female assistant was standing in a daze, Luo Yang walked over and asked strangely, “Eh? Where’s Xixi?”

The female assistant was still in awe from seeing the Golden Age Group’s CEO, and she finally regained her senses when someone asked her a question, so she explained everything that happened.

In actual fact, the assistant had no idea what Gu Xue’er told Chief Gu, she only knew the latter slapped the former out of extreme anger. Afterward, she was distracted because someone announced that Golden Age’s CEO and the best actress had arrived, and when she tu
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