A pair of eyes opened gradually, a little moan coming from their owner as the shinning lights blinded him. He rapidly attempted to turn over, but that proved difficult. Everything was sore. It felt like he hadn't moved in ages. He attempted opening his eyes once more, and this time the lights weren't so bright. It's not like the room was anything to truly look at though. The dividers were white, the ceiling and floor were white, and even the bed he was right now lying in was white. It was all so shinning to him.

He sat up gradually, putting a hand against his temple because it started to hurt. He then noticed that there were gauzes wrapped around it. He looked to his arms and noticed that they as well had gauzes. He also noticed that his robes were gone, leaving him in only his dark pants. He rapidly reached to his neck, murmuring in help when he felt the beaded chain of his necklace. At least he hadn't misplaced it.

He turned his eyes to the bed sheets, looking out his mind for an answer on what had happened. He had been falling, so he had slammed into something hard. That was all he could remember. He began to wonder simply how badly he had hurt himself. He could not quite remember what had happened to him or how he had gotten to this world. Why had he been falling? One thing regarding this simply did not feel right.

The door to the room opened, and he snapped his head in this direction. a lady wearing a white nurse's outfit stepped in, flashing him a kind smile. He solely stared back at her, not speaking anything.

"It's good to see you are awake," she aforesaid to him as she looked through the pages on your clipboard. "According to this, your injuries were marginal; however you must've taken a fairly nasty hit to the head. Anyway, enough of this. You’ve got a visitor." On cue, another lady walked in, this one being a lot of younger than the first. She was dressed unusually in black and white, but it solely made her bright green eyes stand out more. Her hair was nearly as dark as her black skirt. She had a smile on her face as she walked into the room.

The nurse left, closing the door behind her because the other lady pulled up a chair next to his bed. He simply studied her for a moment, not speaking anything. He could not help but wonder who she was and why she had wished to check him. And what was with that smile? What was she so happy about?

"I'm glad to see you are alright," she said, her smile solely widening. "I'm Jaida. What is your name?" He was silent; therefore she took the moment to check him a bit. She already knew he wasn't your average teen boy. That was evident by his strange wear and the pair of wings she had seen. However, there was one thing else. His eyes were open right now, and she could see them clear as day. She was certain that although the room was pitch black, she would see them shining within the darkness. His eyes were the purest shade of crimson she had ever seen. Was that natural, or was he wearing contacts? She wasn't quite certain.

"…It's Arius," he answered finally, his voice lacking any feeling. The terribly tone of his voice would provide somebody the impression that this wasn't a person to mess with. It had been a bit deep, however he did not sound any older than the boys at her school.

"It's nice to meet you, Arius," Jaida said brightly. "Mind if I ask you a question?" once he did not answer, she continued. "Why were you on the roof of my school?"

"I fell," he answered.

"From where?" she asked, earning her a glare indicating that he wasn't planning to tell her, nor did he wish to. "Okay then, you do not have to be compelled to tell me. I am simply glad I found you when I did. You were in pretty rough form." This drew Arius’ attention. He remembered falling and crashing, however he could not remember how he had gotten so crushed up. Then a similar question of why he had been falling shortly flooded back to his mind. This was all so terribly confusing. However, he understood one thing at least. This lady was the reason he was here. She had helped him out, therefore he owed her. There was certain amount of honor he had to uphold. He would find some way to repay the favor.

"Was there anyone else?" he asked her, earning him a glance of confusion from Jaida.

"What?" she asked, not quite hearing the question.

"Was anyone else with you after you found me?" he repeated his question.

"Just my teacher, however he came quite a bit when I did." Something looked as if it would be distressing Arius, and Jaida had a sneaking suspicion that it had been regarding his wings. "Don't worry," she told him with a smile. "I will not tell anyone regarding your wings." Jaida was shortly engulfed with a way of worry as Arius snapped his full attention to her, a deep glare on his face. His hand shot out, locking around her throat.

Jaida could only nod as he tightened his grip on her neck. "Then i am sorry, human, however i can not permit you to live."

"Wait," she managed to get out, opening her bright green eyes to look back into his hard crimson ones. "Please stop. I can help you." She felt a tiny low moment of relief as confusion washed through his eyes, however he quickly smirked, and she was shocked at how wicked he looked in this moment.

"Help me?" he practically laughed. "Help me how? you are nothing but a human."

"You're not used to being here, right?" she asked him, and now he did not respond. He solely stared at her, permitting her to continue. "Humans are not accustomed seeing individuals such as you. You need to blend in, and that i can help. I will offer you with a cover up therefore you will seem like a human to the rest of the town." astonishingly enough, Arius free her throat and she inhaled deeply, rubbing at the sore skin. She was certain he left some bruises with that stunt. At least he looked as if it would be considering her offer.

"Very well," he said finally, and Jaida sighed in relief. "However, know this. If you tell anyone regarding me, I will not hesitate to kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she told him, managing a little smile. She would not stumble. She wasn't stupid. Currently that they were on friendlier terms, she had some additional questions for him. "Can I ask you something?" He nodded, sign for her to continue. "Exactly what are you? Are you an angel?" She shrank down into her seat once she saw the anger come to his features. His eyes were flaring with a fire as bright as his crimson irises.

"How dare you?" he asked her angrily. "Don't insult me like that! I would never be related to those cretins!"

"Okay, sorry," she told him, making an attempt to urge him to relax. "Man, typically calling somebody an angel could be a compliment." Arius simply gave alittle, proud sounding laugh before he smirked widely.

"I forgot," he began. "You humans still talk over with angels as messengers of God. You do not even have a word for what i am or for what a true angel is."

"Well, if you are not an angel, then are you a demon?" she questioned curiously.

"Again, do not insult me," he aforesaid while crossing his arms and scowling, one thing she was certain he did a lot of, because he was excellent at it. "I'm a Deslyan, and before you ask what that's, don't. I've answered enough as it is." Before Jaida may raise any more questions, he swung his legs over the bedside and stood up, stretching a bit. His muscles all hurt, however he was about to ignore it for now.

"Come on," he aforesaid as he began heading for the door

"What?" she questioned, getting up to follow him.

"I'm fine currently," he told her. "I'm able to leave." He already had his hand on the doorhandle, ready to flip it.

"You can't," she declared. "You have to be compelled to check out. If you are trying to depart without paying the bill…" Then she realized that that may be horrible. They'd try and force him to remain, and there was no means he'd stand for it. He'd destroy whoever got in his way. Maybe they'd have to be compelled to sneak out.

"Pay?" he asked. "As in money?" She simply nodded. "Don't have any." Jaida sighed, realizing that for the good of the individuals within the hospital, they'd have to sneak out. In spite of how much Arius wished to blend in, she honestly doubted he'd let anyone get in the way of him and whatever mission he was on. That was one thing else she'd have to be compelled to ask him about.

"Then I suppose we'll have to be compelled to sneak out," she said, giving a defeated sigh. Arius solely smirked and walked over to the window, easily lifting it open. "What are you doing?" He should have detected the worry in her voice, because he only smirked more and place one foot onto the windowsill.

"What's it seem like i am doing?" he asked her arrogantly, enjoying the rather aggravated and frightened look on her face

"You can't! You'll…"

"I fell from the sky," he reminded her. "I do not suppose this'll kill me." He hunkered down on the windowsill, getting ready to jump.

"But someone'll see you," she insisted.

"No they will not." He glanced around a bit, searching for vicinity that was a bit less inhabited. "Just meet me at that store over there, the one with the bench in front of it." Before she may ensure the location of the area he meant, he had leapt out the window.

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