A Chance Encounter

A Chance Encounter

By:  Nathan Frost  Kumpleto
Language: English
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Jaida Carlson, a 17-year old girl, realizes from a chance encounter with a young guy named Arius that things are certainly not fairly what they seem. Arius is anything but normal, right down to his retractable claws, black wings, and penetrating red eyes. In interchange of her life, they form an improbable closeness as she tries to help him intermingle into the human world when Jaida finds him lifeless on her school's roof. However, when you're as mighty man as Arius, intermingling is anything but easy, especially with the look of a haughty "angel" known as Lucius. Just how is he related to Arius? Jaida is about to find out that her world is in risk, but can she really trusts Arius—a guy who's more likes an evil—to save it?

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Marvel d
Great read
2023-04-22 18:14:21
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this is great! i'm wondering, do you have any socmed to keep up with your readers?
2021-07-22 11:01:29
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My favorite book! I just finished my second read. Might reread it again...thank you
2021-01-05 01:16:22
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Lynda Patterson Valdez
best book ever
2020-12-12 18:52:52
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I like academic story, it always remind yourself when you were in school and made ruckus or cry for because of poor grade also dreams about your first crush
2020-09-25 14:54:41
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sharon edwards
enjoyed this book. a pleasant read
2020-09-24 21:40:02
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Kylie. G
???omg I love this book
2020-08-27 18:05:11
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Nathan Frost
@Jay Beato - Cereno : Hi, thank you so much for reading this story. Hoping that you're liking it so far. ? It's still an ongoing story here. Will be posting more chapters soon as it is being updated regularly! Looking forward for your continuous support 'til the final chapter! ❤
2020-05-07 21:01:39
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JAy Beato - Cereno
Is this story complete?
2020-05-07 11:02:34
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2020-06-15 10:38:49
138 Kabanata
Jaida Carlson, a 17-year old girl, realizes from a chance encounter with a young guy named Arius that things are certainly not fairly what they seem. Arius is anything but normal, right down to his retractable claws, black wings, and penetrating red eyes. In interchange of her life, they form an improbable closeness as she tries to help him intermingle into the human world when Jaida finds him lifeless on her school's roof. 
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City life had always been relatively easy. People flocked the streets in herds while hundreds of cars sped by, constantly breaking the speed limit. It was all moderately normal, and the city folk were so used to it that they would never be able to notice something out of the ordinary. They were all far too blinded by the need to get to work or by the errands they had to run. Parents had to rush their kids to violin lessons, dance practice, or even take them out to buy clothing at the local department stores.  It was a simple, basic, and very routine life. That's why it was no wonder that when part of the sky opened up—showing perhaps a piece of the heavens beyond the cloud covered ocean—no one even noticed. Not even the people who were looking into the sky—perhaps wondering what errand they had forgotten to run or what kid they had to drop off next—manage
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A pair of eyes opened gradually, a little moan coming from their owner as the shinning lights blinded him. He rapidly attempted to turn over, but that proved difficult. Everything was sore. It felt like he hadn't moved in ages. He attempted opening his eyes once more, and this time the lights weren't so bright. It's not like the room was anything to truly look at though. The dividers were white, the ceiling and floor were white, and even the bed he was right now lying in was white. It was all so shinning to him. He sat up gradually, putting a hand against his temple because it started to hurt. He then noticed that there were gauzes wrapped around it. He looked to his arms and noticed that they as well had gauzes. He also noticed that his robes were gone, leaving him in only his dark pants. He rapidly reached to his neck, murmuring in help when he felt the beaded chain of his necklace. At least he hadn't misplaced it.He turned his eyes to the bed sheets, looking out his mind for an an
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Jaida walked down the street, her book bag hanging on her shoulder. In her arms were Arius' black robes that she had taken with when she left the hospital. She had gotten lucky that no one had stopped her in the hallway. She figured that as long as they didn't know Arius' name, they wouldn't be able to find out about him. After all, he had no residence, no parents (at least on this planet), and no last name. How could they possibly track him down?Eventually, Jaida ie managed to get to the store he had been talking about. Arius was there, sitting on the bench, a rather impatient scowl plastered across his face. He stood up as she approached, grabbing his robes out of her hands."Took you long enough," he snapped as he pulled his robes on. They fell just above his knees, but they were rather form fitting, made up of two layers of fabric. They hugged every aspect of his body, minus his legs."Let's go," said Jaida, trying to be nice to the rather cold and arrogant young man. He had a ser
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Jaida kept glancing over at Arius as they walked. There was a disbelieving look upon her face as she watched the way he strolled down the street. He strutted as if he was better than all of them, as if everyone should make room as he came by. He was arrogant, proud, and incredibly smart. The principal had sent the test through their automated grader, and it had stated that Arius hadn't missed a single question. Not only that, but he had finished the test fairly quickly. The principal had announced that he didn't need to pay for his attendance. The plump man even gave him a uniform and said that he couldn't wait to see Arius in school on Monday.Jaida returned her attention to the streets. It was starting to get dark again, and her mother would worry about her if she stayed out for much longer. At least she wasn't alone. Even if it did get dark, no one would even dare attack her if she stayed with Arius. He was rather intimidating, wh
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Arius glanced around the entryway, making sure to close the door behind him. He was rather fascinated really. After all, he had never seen a house quite like this. He had never seen a city this large before either. Human technology was interesting, and he realized that there was quite a bit he'd have to learn about. That or he could just pretend nothing interested him. That would probably be the safest way to go, but he knew he wouldn't be able to repress all of his questions."Hello Jaida," greeted her mother as she walked into the entryway. "I'm glad you're back. I was beginning to worry." Her eyes then fell on Arius, who was just standing there, glancing around. "Well Jaida, who's this?" she asked with a smile."His name's Arius," Jaida introduced, and he only nodded in response. Jaida's mother smiled brightly at both of them before Jaida took a step forward. "Actually mom, I need
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The weekend had gone by rather quickly, but that was probably because Jaida had spent most of her time out shopping. Currently, that was what she was doing on this Sunday afternoon. She had a lot of stuff to get Arius and she was using her own money, the allowance she had gotten from her mother. She needed to get Arius some "normal" clothes, as she put it, so he had been forced to go with her. It was no surprise that he picked out all black clothing. He obviously wasn't into variety or color.Everywhere they went, people stared at them for one reason or another. Jaida noticed that a lot of them were girls her own age. It was no surprise though. She had to admit that Arius was nice to look at. She would even say he was cute if he wasn't always scowling about something. In reality, he was one of the cutest boys she knew, but his attitude needed some serious work. He was by far the rudest person she had ever met. The more time she spent
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"That's Mr. Owens, our English teacher," she explained. "Now let's get going. There's still a few more things we have to get, and I'm running out of money." The two of them left the building, now heading back out into the city to finish the errands. This didn't even compare to all of the things they had to do when they got home. There was a lot that Jaida needed to explain about school. She only hoped that Arius was as good at learning as he was scowling.A bell rang somewhere inside the huge building, but it echoed perfectly out into the front yard. There were kids standing around everywhere, all dressed in black and white. The girls all wore white shirts and black skirts while the boys were dressed completely in black. They all seemed to be talking amongst their friends, ignoring the other groups around them.Two people stood at the front gate. One wore a smile as bright as her green eyes, but
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Arius' first day of school had been interesting to say the least. He had already decided that he didn't like history of government. Math, Science, and English were alright, but gym was his favorite. They were currently doing a unit on running, and he was honestly surprised at how fast some of them could run, Jaida included. She was the best one out of them.During lunch he had sat with Jaida, Amy, and Seth. Jaida and Amy had spent most of the time talking amongst each other while Seth shot Arius small glares from time to time. It's not like it bothered him much. No matter how hard they tried, humans weren't in any way threatening to him. He knew he could easily take all of them out, so no matter how much Seth glared, Arius just didn't care. He only arrogantly ignored him.Currently Arius and Jaida were leaving the English room, their last classroom of the day. However, school had already been out for an hour. Jaida had wanted to stay back in order to finish her homework before she got
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He received no answer, so he brought his arm back and then threw the glowing ball towards Jaida. She watched in fear as it grew larger the closer it got to her. It was going to hit her, she knew it, but before it could reach her, Arius swiped his arm through it, breaking the ball of light apart. It eventually dissolved away, and Arius' arm seemed completely unharmed. The light hadn't hurt him at all. He shot a dark glare at the man before him, looking a bit threatening even to Lucius. The white winged boy only snarled in disgust."Pathetic," he sneered. "Protecting a worthless human. They all have to die anyway, so why not just let me kill her now?""Just shut up and get on with it," demanded Arius as he prepared himself for a fight. However, Lucius only smiled as his body began to fade. It slowly turned a white color, and before they knew it, he looked like nothing more than a figure
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