Jaida finally gave a relieved sigh, thinking that they were safe. However, a white blur streaked by, slamming into them. Jaida noticed that Arius' grip tightened around her as they rocketed towards a nearby building. He held her close, turning a bit just as his back came in contact with a huge window that resided on top. The sound of shattering glass echoed in the abandoned warehouse, filling Jaida's senses. She was only distracted when she felt their descent stop abruptly. She noticed that Arius was no longer holding her in a vice grip. His arms were lax as they began slipping off of her when she moved.

"Arius?" she questioned, finally looking down at him. His eyes were closed, and he wasn't moving. She then realized that they were at the bottom of the warehouse. He had slammed into the cement floor, now lying atop a bed of broken glass. She quickly got off of him and began to see if he was injured. Other than being unconscious, he looked alright.

Jaida took in a deep breath to try an
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