Kristopher was glued in his place, he didn't know what to do.. or was he under the little girl's spell? Was she a magician? 

He always kept himself away from the girls and love, busy at work.. he was a grown-ass man.. or that was he thought.

Now, this little girl appeared in front of him at least three times this day... 

And Helena told him the story of hers.. how can someone be so cruel, selling his daughter.

"I have a question for you.." the sweet voice of hers, bring him back to reality.

He turned around, sighed and spoke in his majestic voice, "Let's kept it for tomorrow. Shall we? I have to get back to bed as it was a tiring day and I have work tomorrow.."

She, confused for a second, then nodded and parted her lips to speak but noticed he was already out of the room...

No goodnight? Such rude.

Amelia had this habit of saying goodnight to her mother and then sleep.. today she felt something was missing... somethin

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