Black Lace

Black Lace

By:  Rooms  Completed
Language: English
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"Men are only attracted to you either you are pretty or you have a nice body. Nobody cares about the heart. And I find these men nothing less than wolves."

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I totally love it
2021-01-15 18:29:11
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enjoyed it
2020-09-10 06:23:23
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Ebony Rose
one that reaches out to those who feel powerless and shows that there is always a way out. another brilliant piece of work
2020-07-22 18:02:29
user avatar
Oh, this story really hit me.
2020-07-13 21:13:15
user avatar
Amazing story!
2020-07-13 21:12:33
user avatar
Rashmi P R
how often are chaptors updated?
2020-05-25 19:34:11
user avatar
Naomi Ruth Rayl Mo
2020-05-17 12:36:03
user avatar
Nikka Anne
An exciting story to look forward to. :)
2020-04-19 23:05:58
user avatar
Liked the book but the villians did not suffer as much as the so called innocent characters. If there were some kind of pay back with Blair, Richard, Jewel, Amelia's dad and so forth. But I will read it again. Keep on writing.
2020-07-09 05:03:07
93 Chapters
"What the hell! Where is my money? You insane woman! You did that again, didn't you?" a man, subtle around his face, unable to stand properly spoke with such aggression in his voice."What is it, Rowan? Why the hell are you shouting early this morning?" a lady, graceful and with her facial expression looking she's terrified, asked the man."You cruel woman!" the man just turned around his face to see his wife and gave her a hard slap and watched her fell badly on the wooden floor."You stole my money, didn't you?" he strode towards her, big steps.. grabbing her chin roughly."I-I.. didn't..." the lady frightened in fear stammered in her words.Rowan Butler was a drunkard, plain and simple. His breakfast was whiskey with a rum chaser. He was slurring his words by lunchtime and passed out by the afternoon. What little food he ate was in the form of chips and cold wieners from a jar. He didn't leave a house for anything. He even paid a widowed neighbo
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As Amelia looks into the room, it stares back at her, with her being very horrified at how much filthy it looks. There she was slowly plodding through the room with the furnace of disgusting smell, her feet were suddenly seeking in the abomination of cloths. It was too filthy for her to believe.The bedroom wasn't just a mess, it was a disaster zone.On the floor was her mother, laying and sobbing helplessly. Amelia strode towards her and went on her knees."Mother..." she cried incapable and powerless. Within a second both the mother and daughter hugged each other like this was their safe place."At least say something, mother.." cried the daughter while the mother gave a little whimper as if saying something."Can't you talk?" she broke the hug and asked her crying mother. In return, the poor mother just shook her head.Amelia held her mother's hand as tears fell off her blue eyes, the eyes represented the ocean. The ocean is so deep and f
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Two days passed by, Amelia was learning how to talk to her mother as she could not speak...Amelia gave her a notebook and a pen to write it down and in this way, she will read and understand what her mother is trying to say.Amelia and her mother were staying in one room, with each other while the insane man was all the time, downstairs.The daughter wasn't giving him any food to eat but she makes the breakfast, lunch, and dinner and took it upstairs for her mother and herself.This time they compromised too. Kept their mouth shut. Only whispers of Amelia were heard in the room when she talked to her mother and in return Grace just write it down on a piece of paper.Grace has her daughter by her side and she felt powerful. Amelia was her pride, the apple of her eye. All of her life, she had one thing... one thing to make her miserable life livable.When she was coming back from the kitchen, her father interrupted her by saying, "Clean the house. Ri
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"Amelia.. you are here.." a girl, pretty blonde said in an over-excited tone."I had to..tell me what is the news?" Amelia hugged her best friend, Mia and asked about the current situation.Standing in a small cafe... more like a bar.. far away from Amelia's home.. the girls were chatting."Henry was asking for you... your turn is today." Mia, the blonde girl replied to her, taking her handbag from her."Okay.." Amelia adjusted herself and went to the manager's room and after a few minutes, she came out with a nervous face."What? You can do it, Elia. I can say with confidence that you will do great. Just breathe and show your magic." the best friend boosted up her faith and assured her.For a second, Amelia just closed her eyes and recalled all the bad days..of how much of her mother and she suffered because of her father.Her mother became tongue less because of that man. Now she has to do something for herself and her mother. Even
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After an hour of travelling on a local bus, Amelia finally reached home.All the way going back, she was thinking about her life.. her incomplete and miserable life. Every night she prays to God, that some miracle happens and she will get rid of this melancholic and sorrowful life.Amelia was completely heartbroken and a lost soul. By a miracle, she doesn't mean a man will come and take away all the pain from her life but she and her mother will live a happy life without her father.Amelia dreamt of a man, mature and handsome.. intelligent enough to handle her. But she cannot leave her mother like this.Her ideal definition of a man was; someone who won't care that she's incapable of sitting still at home or not educated, someone who realizes that half of the decisions she makes are usually the ones she regrets, and she has the right to overreact at any given moment. She wants someone who knows how completely insane she is and he wouldn't want her any oth
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"He's going to sell me to someone.." she sobbed in her mother's bosom while she caressed her only daughter's hair.Her heard broke into several pieces, thinking of nothing but getting sold."I've heard it, mother. Richard is brainwashing him. They were talking about some rich men." Amelia added whining and sniffling.Hearing this, Grace was fuming with anger. She stood up and walked out of the room.Confused Amelia, followed her mother, wiping her tears off.As Grace stepped out the stairs, she saw both of the men chatting in a cheerful tone.Richard noticed the presence of his best friend's wife, he stood up and spoke in an amused tone, "Hi, Grace. It's too good to see you.."Without seeing him, she just strode towards her husband, grabbed him from the collar and slapped his face hard.As the man was drunk, he quickly fell, on his wife's foot while she kicked him in the ribs."What the hell..." Richard said in bewilderm
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Looking back, she saw her father was not on the sofa chair.Now, where did this man, go? He was here a second ago when he asked her to open the door for the people."Won't you let us in, beautiful?" one of the men, in his deep yet low voice, spoke with a grin on his face."Excuse me, but who are you? Uncle Richard..." she asked the man, then turned her face at Richard and asked."Let us in. They are friends of your father.." Richard reacted smartly if he tells her right now about the man, would she let them in?It was not a smart move, let the father tell his daughter that she's gone.In a second, Amelia moved towards the side, making space for the men to come in."Why, thank you.." both of the men spoke in an impressing tone.Passing by her, she heard them whispering, "She's obedient, enough. Isn't she?"Amelia knitted her brows in confusion, unable to understand what's in their mind."Rowan?" Richard called out
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Why did he give her the sedative? And what for? Did he already know that she was going with the men?She left without even goodbye.. there's no way back now. Is it?Sitting in the back seat of a luxurious Mercedes Benz, she was thinking about her mother.. her father.. about her life.She was on the back seat with Richard, far away, touched to the door and looking out of the window.Amelia lived in a small town where there were no big buildings, or luxurious cars or people wearing a tux.Just at the bar, she saw a few men wearing a proper suit, looking complete gentleman otherwise, there were only normal kinds of people.As the road passed by and they were going towards the city, she admired the view lifting her head out of the window, what she saw, took her breath away.Lights glittered everywhere just like stars dropping to the earth, huge and small buildings collided in a mixture of shadow and geometry. A breathtaking, marvellous, a
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"Who is that person?" she, with a sudden spark of hope in her eyes, asked the girls."Oh, she's just messing with you. There's no one.." the girl, who looked clever from the face, said to Amelia, then showed eyes to the rest of them."Once you are here, you remain here. Always. No family or lovers then." she added in such a confident tone that it broke the heart of Amelia.The tiny drops of tears released from the corners of her eyes, as if she had been lonely in this entire world.Sudden clinging pain on the left side of her chest, her heart was unbearable.. like someone had stabbed her in the organ.Amelia clenched and unclenched her fists, walking away from the girls.. towards the bed.She heard the low whisper gossips of the girls, looking at her and talking..."There's no way in hell I'm wearing these cheap clothes," she said to herself, loud enough to hear by everybody."Oh, yeah? You won't?" she heard a deep and heavy vo
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"Sir, please don't waste your precious time on this nonsense. I can handle this, trust me." Richard, in a polite tone, spoke to the tall man while he just fetched the cigarette from his pocket, lighted up and took a puff of it."Leave this girl, will you?" he pointed the finger at her, the smoke releasing from his mouth."And you... go back to your home. Run." he turned his face towards her, said with authority in his voice and she nodded happily.Richard left while the man stepped out of the bar, Amelia walking beside him.Although he was a complete stranger she was so much thankful for what he had done for her.Of course, both of them were going separately, he on his Bentley, on the backside, sit like a boss.No doubt, he was handsome.. his perfectly perfect hazel eyes and tan complexion, hair slicked back completely.. he was a gorgeous man.He had sweet pink lips and a subtle around his chin, making him look breathtaking.. and with
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