When Amelia guessed that the lady was of no use, she sighed and got into the back seat of the Bentley.

As the driver started the engine, she waved Helena goodbye, a hint of sadness on her face.

The day she spent in the villa was beyond magical for her. She had the people who really cared for her, pampered her.

After all the bad people she met, these were the nicest ones. Including Kristopher, he was the sweetest.

Thinking about him, made her smile and she quickly shook her head, coming back in reality and asked the driver, "Do you have the phone number of Kristopher?"

What? This girl is calling him by his first name? The driver was astonished and he shook his head.

"Alright, what about his company? Can you take me there?" she pleaded, in a happy tone to which the driver just shook his head, again.

"Oh c'mon. I know that you know and you know that he knows me and I know him so all of us practically know each other.." she said without a

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