2. What was her name?

After the end of the lecture, they had gathered around the last bench surrounding them. Amara chewed her lips feeling nervous around them. “You were just awesome last night, babe.” Bella jumped on him, her legs wrapped around his waist whilst her hands snaked his shoulders before she crashed her matted lips on his ones.

The entire crowd cheered up loudly shipping them together. Some removed their phone taking their videos, some adoring them like they were the only cute couple in the college (they were not, precisely they were not even friends) but what made Amara feel yuck was his untidy friends.

By untidy here, we do not mean they wore shabby unpleasant clothes but because their thoughts were untidy. Every time they opened their mouths, they spat out tons of garbage. All that stuck on their lips is the word SEX.

“Excuse me” It was turning unbearable sight for Amara.

From a passionate kiss, it developed into a war where both of them fought for dominance. Amara struggled to get out as they leaned on the bench assuming it to be their personal property still kissing each other madly.

It was not the kiss that was forcing her to get out of the circle of the crowd that has been built around the kissing idiots but his hands those were pressing and pinching her private part shamelessly. And the ironical state where she was stuck in (right beside him) she can she way more things than the others!

Let’s just not talk about it.

Amara held her breaths controlling her irritation. No one was ready to move a little bit. She kept on requesting them to excuse her, make a way for her leave alas, as unnoticed as she was to them— they all continued to enjoy the live porn film playing in front of their pupils.

“WILL YOU GET SIDE CHARLIE!” All the voices died as soon as her loud shrill echoed in the class.

To be honest, her grumbled, irritated tone shut their pie holes tight and made them stare her, eventually killing all their hoots and cheers. Even Alex intriguingly turned his head around from Bella with an amused expression. His stained red lips with her lipstick grinned at her.

She has been a source of joy to him. No matter why but every time he laid his eyes on her, she made him smile. Ugh may be because she seemingly appeared more like a clown with baggy clothes looking nowhere from any angle a student of their well known college!

“Get away if you don’t to be punched in the nose.” Punching Charlie, Alex ’s best dude with her weak fist Amara huffed such that he grinned not leaving her sight until she finally made a way out for herself.

His amazed eyes watched the way she struggled with her stuff in her hands as she scurried toward the door. “Ehh!” Bella pulled his face toward her annoyingly. She glared him with disappointed gaze clearly showing her jealousy.

Earlier than she can say anything he smacked her lips harder this time while with the other hand signalling the crowd to move out. Hmm, now that she gave him the signal of approval how can he not take advantage of that!

“Stupid, idiot, moron, shameless bastard!” Her eyes oozed aggression. Her lips constantly cussed and abused him.

While sitting on the empty bench situated under a tree in the back of the massive garden of the college, Amara tortured the pages of her book by scratching it with a pointed pen. The pages were so severely harmed that the flakes of it painted with ink, started to float in the air every time a wind rolled by.

She never liked Bella. And the reason was as simple as simple interest’s formula, she kept roaming around with the guys in the campus. In fact, to be real true and honest, she was dating Simon two days ago but today if you have looked at her, she was kissing Alex shamelessly like they were a married couple!

It was not about Bella too, but him. She never anticipated him to do something in front of her. The more she is admiring him the worser he is behaving now. “They should be suspended from the college. I don… I don’t even know as to why are they even allowed to come in here! I am so disappointed. There is no decency in them at all.”

“Who, them!”

Her heart hitched hearing a husky voice out of the blue, a familiar one. Amara dropped her specs getting up in surprise. “You!” Ponting her finger at the intruder who dared to intrude her personal space, she clamped her choppers irritatingly.

“Hey calm down. I just came here to return you your pen that you forgot in the class.” It was Alex .

He was smiling again. His eyes showed how much interested he was in her when Amara rolled her eyes before looking away. On stretching his hand out that held the pen, he asked “May I ask you a question! Why do you feel so ‘yuck’ every time you see anyone kissing? “ Her eyebrows cocked up in bewilderment.

Dude, how on heavenly earth can anyone be so irking!

He actually had the audacity to question her that with those wild cat scratches visible on his neck. The remnant of the lipstick showed how gruesomely have he chewed her lips to get it on his ones!

“Please go away I am in no mood to talk to anyone, precisely with you.” For him it might be a normal task, for her it was more than a sin.

Like really, you kiss any random person with no guilt. You don’t even think about what you are doing to yourself! No sanity, no purity left at all.

She actually has no problem with anyone. We live in a democratic country where citizens are given their respective rights to do anything. They are free to do whatever they want (that is what they do— freely) but at least, they need to maintain some habits too. Good habits.

“You know this is the reason why you do not have any friend in the college in spite of being a topper.” Having shrugged his shoulders he chipped cozily, unaware of what effect it has on her.

Her head eventually lowered down in sadness. He somewhere said the truth out. She does not have any friend because she is against of the things that is demanded in this world as bribe— your truthfulness of being you.

It is asked as an important clause in the contract that is signed having both the parties consent before being each other’s friends i.e to murder your real self and be someone that is not you.

Any ways, Amara longed for a way to get out of here, out of his sight before she can lose her calm over her tears. “Hey, I am sorry. I did not mean to hurt you but try to take my words positively.” On learning her emotions he immediately apologized.

Alex took a step forward to console her regardless of his kindness she retreated backward that he awkwardly have to sigh. “I just meant to tell you that, try staying with people than running away from them. I know all of us are clumsy except you, but trust me, our company will make you realize we are not bad. Uhh, what is your name!” Alex asserted, however the last sentence did not go unnoticed by Amara.

She shot her face up with narrowed eyes glaring him woefully. “How strange, you don’t even know my name and you claim your company will be something I’d cherish, moron!” With that she took the pen from him and walked away leaving him hissing behind.

“Gosh!!! Guys, the fuck you didn’t tell what is her name!” As he turned around looking at the tree, a bunch of his friends jumped out who seemed to have been hiding behind it, acting as weird as him. “What is her name!” he asked again staring everyone’s face hopefully waiting for a quick feedback.

Alex crossed his arms shooting glares at their faces. “What! Don’t tell me you don’t know her name too.” Exclaimed he, heedless as they were, they bobbed their heads together sheepishly, hence baffling him.


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