Falling in love wasn't the plan

Falling in love wasn't the plan

By:  Chantinglove138  Ongoing
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New book: Alpha's moonborn mate is OUT now. Read it today8-) _____ “You know what Amara; you should never kill your desires. If you want to kiss someone just kiss them… don’t look at their lips like this!” he arched an eyebrow and stated naughtily after catching her staring at his mouth intently. They were studying in an empty library. Amara shuddered when his hands slowly encircled her waist and pulled her close. And before she could understand what was going on, he latched their lips. Oh damn… she was being kissed by the school’s most wanted guy, Alex Ragnar!!! ~~~ He was the famous football captain. She was the topper of the class. However, she was unnoticed among the group of hot sassy cheer leaders who dominated the female population. Everyone remembered her name only during exams, yeah— everyone, even the ones who never knew she existed in the class. He was one of them. This year, before the final exams, he became friends with her like any other student— for seeking her help and notes. But before the year ends and even the results are out, he'd realize that falling in love wasn't in the plan!

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41 Chapters
1. Cool captain, Alex Ragnar
Chapter 1. Cool captain, Alex Ragnar (the bad boy) Silence.    Extreme silence embraced the ground as everyone's heart beats increased and the faces paled. The college's football team was just a goal away from winning the finals of the International football tournament, and marking a magnificent place in the history of the champions.        "We see everyone is nervous. We should be since the game has come to a tough point! The Royal Riders are just one goal behind from winning this tournament that is going on from the last two weeks. Fans are praying for their desired team… The players are doing their best too. Let's see who wins the trophy in their name! Elegant Aces are not yet ready to give up, now that is what we call sporting spirit"       The commentator shouted on the mic, setting everyone's heart on fire. It was the last minute of anxiety befor
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2. What was her name?
After the end of the lecture, they had gathered around the last bench surrounding them. Amara chewed her lips feeling nervous around them. “You were just awesome last night, babe.” Bella jumped on him, her legs wrapped around his waist whilst her hands snaked his shoulders before she crashed her matted lips on his ones.The entire crowd cheered up loudly shipping them together. Some removed their phone taking their videos, some adoring them like they were the only cute couple in the college (they were not, precisely they were not even friends) but what made Amara feel yuck was his untidy friends.By untidy here, we do not mean they wore shabby unpleasant clothes but because their thoughts were untidy. Every time they opened their mouths, they spat out tons of garbage. All that stuck on their lips is the word SEX.“Excuse me” It was turning unbearable sight for Amara.From a passionate kiss, it developed i
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3. Tensed friends
3Amidst the hungry students during the lunch break, Alex sat biting his lips nervously. "You guys are good for nothing! You did send me to persuade her but you did not tell me what is her name, I have almost wooed her mahn!" He slapped the empty plate kept on the table such that it jumped an inch in the air before landing back on its spot with a noise.They were acting according to the plan until the biggest mistake happened, he happened to say something that needed her name, her name that he did not know! "I thought you would do the rest Alex, that is you who needs her help after all!" Charlie shrugged his shoulder munching on the burger that has just arrived, fresh and juicy."Gosh, how will I pass now!" With that mournful remark, Alex placed his head between his palms defeatedly. "Exams are just a month away and I have prepared fucking nothing due to the tournament practise. What will I do now."He was though the football star alas the dumbest student in the class anyone would ever
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4. Bloody show off!
A student's life is a game that has different levels. Those levels are categorized according to the intensity of a student's understanding level. And for poor Alex, the levels were damn difficult to cross lol. Yeah, they were otherwise he would not have been sitting the library amidst the pile of books across him on the table. It was not shocking to himself alone but to the others too who entered and exited the library! It was as hard as anything to comprehend when their peepers spotted him. He was from those students who had a phobia of the books, someone who would run away soon after getting to know there was a test and here Alex sat With a pile of books, shuffling through pages with a stern and stiff face! There were girls walking from here and there making sure the librarian was not looking over them while they tried to birdwatch Alex.
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5. The badboy in him
It is good to be clever but bad to show that off!God has made everyone keeping in mind some element that makes them different from others. Be it the appearance, IQ or their emotional behaviour or for that matter their background yet it is advisable to never show that off.And what Amara tried to do back there outside the library was humiliating. Like really! He was not good in study does not give her any right to ask him questions when she knows that well he would not be able to answer. "I really hate her now." Alex pursed his lips working on his hair. His irises rose a sense of dizziness indicating his seriousness toward the upcoming examinations. He could continue the studies until now if Martin would not have ca
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6. Dude who you talking about?
6. Dude who you talking about?  Suddenly everything seemed foggy and regretful to the guys sitting shyly staring him. A lot can be assumed when you first see Alex Ragnar, but the two most lovable traits majority of people enjoy to the highest are that he's gentle when you be gentle and oh so dangerous and you are being pathetic to him. And who, other than these guys sitting in the circular booth with him know that better.   Of course, he is also athletic, lovable and sentimental, but those are often overshadowed and fogged up by the tendencies of being neglectful and scary as well.   His gentleness though, this is what he is kind of cherished for becomes a matter of past when you see his dark aggressive side. Friends tend to count on this and his courage whenever they need cheering up both for them themselves and Alex.   However, right now they did hit the wrong point at wrong time. Obviously people tend to
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7. Naughty night
7. Naughty night It was now the time of leaving the pub. In fact majority of the crowd had left while some performing sex in the corners stayed back lost in themselves. Here Charlie being high on alcohol laid on the couch hiccuping beside his two friends as they sat close together talking about the same old stuff where they had confused each other. Daniel was no more around but gone with a chick informing his friends. "You were talking about Amara?" Martin repeated the sentence yet again, his dizzy eyes stared nowhere particularly since it was too dark. "And all this while I assumed Perry though" he answered his own queries.  On the other side Alex nodded in yes. "Mmmhmmm, she came to meet me outside the library today but I won't talk to her. Then in the evening just before I was to leave for the club I got her messages. Here." He removed his phone from his pocket and throwing it in Martin's lap with a tired yawn.
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8. Nerdy bitch topper
Chapter 8. Nerdy bi*ch topper!  The cruel rays of the sun kissed Alex's face without his consent hence making him twitch along with a loud whimper. Tiredness was written all over his face. His lips that were swollen and stained with his girlfriend's lipstick showed how tiring yet passionate the night had been.  But honestly, he wouldn't forget how amusing it was. No guy would imagine that his girlfriend would sneak into his apartment under his absence and turn the place into a dumping yard just to show that it was some burglar who did that. But when he'd slowly follow the noise coming directly from his bedroom he'd reach there only to see the amazing moment of his life, that is— his girlfriend waiting for him on the bed just in a bed sheet.  Anyways, with a yawn Alex wide stretched his hands as he lett the rays cover his body wholly. He expected to caress Perry's body next to him and surprisingly his mind realized she was not there beside him.&
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9. I don't give a damn
9. I don't give a damn.  Alex mentally killed himself, he slapped his cheeks in mind for having caught red handed. She was standing there with her eyes staring him unbelievably with sadness. He could not move after spotting her there and his breath ceased. He felt himself dead and the way she defeatedly stood across him on the other side with big fat books in her hands, it was obvious she might have collected them for him. But who would have known everything will turn out to be like this!   "Uh, Amara.. I.." he dragged his foot slowly in her way while his fingers curled up into fist conveying his emotions as for the tune being. Guilt dripped every time he blinked his eyes. "We were... You know." Well anyone in his spot would fumble after being caught like that.   The situation turned drastically sad and nervousing. Only if he had known she would be there watching them then he would have kept a check upon his tongue. &nbs
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10. Focus on studies, not on Amara!
  10. Focus on studies, not on Amara!  "Ugh, my back hurts and my eyes pain!" Alex stretched his body, raising his hand up in the air and sighed loudly that Amara who was sitting next to him serenely smiled.  It had been a hectic day. Really. Nah, not for her but for him. He does not have a habit of sitting for three hours and studying continuously without any break. It was just three hours, and he was exhausted. The way his eyes reddened by looking just in the books, it displayed how hard it had been for him.  "Are you... Smiling?" having seen her smiling at his tired appearance Alex asked.  He was trying to shove the tiredness away. Obviously he was not used to studying so much in a day. It was a new part of his sexy fun-filled life.  When she nodded her head in a no with the signs of her smile left behind on her lips, he mocked her, "Dude it is easy for you to study for long hours but a battle for me. P
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