7. Naughty night

7. Naughty night 

It was now the time of leaving the pub. In fact majority of the crowd had left while some performing sex in the corners stayed back lost in themselves. Here Charlie being high on alcohol laid on the couch hiccuping beside his two friends as they sat close together talking about the same old stuff where they had confused each other. Daniel was no more around but gone with a chick informing his friends.

"You were talking about Amara?" Martin repeated the sentence yet again, his dizzy eyes stared nowhere particularly since it was too dark. "And all this while I assumed Perry though" he answered his own queries.

On the other side Alex nodded in yes. "Mmmhmmm, she came to meet me outside the library today but I won't talk to her. Then in the evening just before I was to leave for the club I got her messages. Here." He removed his phone from his pocket and throwing it in Martin's lap with a tired yawn.

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