- HER-

“I want your Golden Hind.”

Silence follows my words while she continues to look at me passively. She raises an eyebrow at me before scanning me with her piercing eyes.

“You want me to give you my Golden Hind?” She asks tilting her head.

“I want to have your Golden Hind, yes,” I say nodding.

“And why shall I give it to you...” She trails off before I see her put the arrow in the bow and point it towards me, “Nefret?”

“Because I will return it to you.” I manage to speak clearly with my heart racing in my chest. My head is throbbing and my mouth is dry as a desert.

She keeps the arrow pointed at me while looking down at me pensively. For a moment, I forget to breathe, waiting for her next move. She has all the power to kill me now. It will be all over if she pulls the string.

“You, Nefret...” She continues before lowering her bow, “are impressive.” I let out a shaky breath in relief when I see her put down the weap

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