The Lonely God

The Lonely God

By:  Benita Ritz  Completed
Language: English
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❝I think he is attracted to her. Look at this beauty. Which man wouldn't want to keep her for himself? After all, ruling alone for such a long time he must be in search of a queen.❞He's said to be the first creation of the moon goddess.The lone wolf, Arles.The king of all wolves. An immortal. A god. They say he ruled ruthlessly. He had the power to change the inescapable destiny of man itself. She was a mortal.A troublemaker.She didn't know what she was getting into when she crossed him.

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Before You Read
There are a couple of things that you need to know before you start to read this book. Please don't skip: 1. In this book, HYBRID term is used to refer to those wolves who have one of the elemental powers like fire, water, air etc. Some say that hybrid wolves are the cursed wolves and some say that it's a gift from the moon-goddess. If you find multiple explanations of being a Hybrid wolf then don't fret, multiple folks have their multiple versions. 2. THIS ONE IS IMPORTNAT>In this book, the Moon Goddess doesn't pair mates. The paring of mates is done by ISHTAR, Sumerian and Babylonian goddess of love and fertility. She had a habit of attracting lovers and then killing or maiming them. 3. MOST IMPORTANTLY: This is not your average werewolf story. It's far away from anything cliche. There will be unexpected twists and turn
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Comment your First time read-HIM-I look up at the heavenly sky as my feet rest on the mortal land. The crunch of snow underneath my feet accompanies the low whispers of the chilling wind. My breath comes out as a white cloud in front of my face.It’s one of the days when I wander around the earth. I don’t have anything to do in particular and nowhere to rush to. I am an immortal. Time doesn’t bother me much.There’s no specific way to measure the time I have existed but to provide a rough figure all I could say is that, I am older than the sea, I’ve traveled far enough to see the horizon and I’ve counted all the stars that ever existed in the endless sky. That’s how old I am.I continue to walk and come across the white flowering trees - the one that produces flowers in this snowy land. They stand tall, providing and guarding the pack that I visit quite often. River Red, owned by this p
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13 YEARS LATER...-HER-I stand under his silhouette, looking up at him, his statue. His eyes bore into me, they are cold, passive, haunting but at the same time beautiful. In the darkness, his statue seems so real as if he himself is there, watching me, having fun seeing me in misery.“I don’t believe in you,” I say out loud, my words tangled with each other, almost impossible to be understood by a normal human being.I keep my eyes glued to his statue as I bring the alcohol bottle to my lips and drain half the bottle, hoping that somehow my pain and frustration will escape into it while the alcohol travels down my throat.The freezing night air ruffles my hair and small snowflakes descend to the earth slowly while the moon hides in a thick blanket of dark clouds.“I don’t believe in you!” I scream again, my voice echoing throughout the ruins of this once-colossal-castle. This castle used to be his; he ruled the
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-HER-Next morning I wake up with a killer headache and a sore body. It’s already eight in the morning, signaling that I am running late for school.I wake up and somehow brush my teeth, not bothering if I reek of alcohol and sweat. I am wearing clothes from last night. Since I am running late, I decide to grace the school with my presence in the same stale clothes.After I am done with my so-called morning routine, I take my school bag and as quietly as I can manage, I climb downstairs. I move like a shadow, making no sound at all. I don’t want to face mom, dad, my twin sister-Grace or my elder sister- Phoebe.I do the ninja-walk to the front door and was about to reach for the door handle to open the door when a familiar hand beat me to it. I turn around to find my nightmare... I mean my mom, glaring at me.“Where were you last night?” She growls. A dangerous amount of energy is leaking off her body. She resembles a ticking bomb at th
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-HER-“Hello, Arles.” I utter, looking up at him. His statue stares down at me as usual and I expected my greeting to be unanswered as usual too but this time, I hear a growl before feeling a presence behind me. This time I am not drunk and I know that this happened for real.Suddenly, I want to be drunk.I feel a burning gaze digging holes at my back as I stand here frozen and scared.Am I caught?I know that the ruins are forbidden hence its name ‘the forbidden Ruins’ but I come here for years and nothing has ever happened before. I haven’t been caught.Mom and dad did warn me countless times to not to come here because it’s a dangerous place but when do I listen? Besides this, I feel more peaceful when I come here. For me, it has been a place for me where I can be myself. To me, it’s like... home.I hear another growl which brings me back to reality. I can sense the presence still
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-HER-Finally, when the torch lit up at the end of the room, I noticed a huge throne. A wolf head was carved on the head of the throne which looked quite similar to the black wolf that chased me here.My blood ran cold when I saw a figure sitting on the throne. The figure’s face was covered with a big hood, casting silhouettes on its face. Long black cloak flowed over its shoulder, resting lazily on the thick blanket of dust on the ground. The throne was several feet above the ground and the cloak reached its bottom. The rest of the person’s body was covered with black fabric.Even when sitting on the throne, the person was tall and towering and I wonder how tall they would be once they stand upright.The person’s hands rested on the hand-rest of the throne while their hooded head was held high. Their figure had a royal aura to it. Moments pass by as I hold my breath and examine the figure that doesn’t move a bit. The person was still like a
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-HER-“And I don’t let them slip easily who step foot on my land without my permission.” He growls. His warning hanging fresh in the air as it charges with tension.Did I get myself in trouble?Yes. I got myself in big trouble this time.I want to run and never turn back. I want to disappear.The way he spoke told me that he meant every word. Every single one of them.“What are you going to do?” I find myself asking and instantly I regret opening my mouth. I am already deep in trouble and here I go digging myself a grave deeper than I could ever manage to crawl out of.He lets out a short, chilling laugh before I see him tilting his head at a side as if studying me. I could feel his heated gaze on me which sends a shiver down my spine and for a moment I could swear that my blood stopped flowing.The tension in the air buzzed like electricity and the flames in the torches dimmed even more, darkening the room. I instinct
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-HER-After dinner, I come straight to my room and lock myself into it as usual. Since finals are next month, I decide to study or rather torture myself.I pick up the bag from the floor and throw it on my bed before climbing on it myself. I open the chain and hold the bag upside down until everything has fallen on the bed and the bag is totally empty. I chose my English book to start off with.As soon as I open the book and try to read the first sentence, my head starts to ache.All the words pour out of the book and start to float in the air while some start to crawl around the mess on my bed like spiders. Everything seems jumbled, puzzled and the letters dance in front of my eyes, leaving their words, messing the sentences. They daunt me, they haunt me. They tease me because I can’t catch them and put them on right places so that they could make sense to me.The ’d’s and the ’b’s look so confusing. I can’t tell them apart. To me, the
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-HER-When I reach school, I realize that I am early. So early that the Janitor hadn’t unlocked the doors of the main building yet.I sigh, my hot breath coming out as white smoke in this cold weather. I walk around the school premise and climb the small hill covered with tall pine trees situated just behind the school building. Since the pine trees cover most of the hill; it’s a good place one’d like to come when they don’t want to be seen by anybody.I trek the small hill and find that old fallen log on which I’ve sat countless times and watched the time pass. I come here often when I don’t feel like attending a class or when I get bullied by someone. It’s a secluded place and not many students dare to stroll this father into the pine trees because the snow could be light here and easily swallow a person.Since I have been coming here forever, I know where to step and where not to. One of the advantages of not being home most of the times i
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-HER-Instead of going off, the intensity of the fire increases, surrounding me. I try to scream but no sound comes out of my mouth. I feel trapped and helpless.I think this is my end.I feel the energy drain off my body slowly, and black spots start to appear in my vision. My legs feel as if they’re made of jelly and soon, I collapse on the ground while the flames surrounding me rise higher.Suddenly, I hear screaming and footsteps. I see mom enter the kitchen, her eyes wide, terror clearly visible in them. What surprises me is that while she steps over the fire, nothing happens to her. As soon as her eyes landed on me, she comes rushing to me, kneeling by my side.“Andrew!” I hear her call for dad before I slip into a deep sleep. Am I going to be okay? Is this my end? If it is then I am happy because I don’t have to celebrate my 18th birthday and deal with not having a mate for a lifetime.~“She’s a hybrid.” I hear someo
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