Chapter 11

Her eyes were wide as saucers and her body was stiff. Her mind was numb in complete and utter shock. It took her few seconds to understand what was happening. She pushed him but to no avail her body couldn't even move because of his death like grip on her waist. She tried to move her head aside but he gave a painful tug to her hair.

She was completely trapped in his arms, she tried struggling but to no use. Tears were freely flowing out of her eyes. She felt vulnerable. She could feel his warm lips and it disgusted her.

Alex was so engrossed in devouring her luscious lips. Her lips tasted like strawberries. They were so soft and plump. She was stiff in his arms.

She felt his tongue licking her lower lip. She shuddered. But kept her lips sealed tightly. She felt his large hand moving down from her waist. Her hand shot towards his that was moving down towards her butt and she held his wrist tightly stopping it from moving further down

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Annabel (Annie)
this book keeps getting interesting
goodnovel comment avatar
Lol I like Alex, he knows just how to tame that tigress. She betta buckle up to picket up

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