Sparkle of life.

Sparkle of life.

By:  KATHLEEN HAYAT  Completed
Language: English
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"How much?" She asked angrily. Completely ignoring the fact that he called her something in spanish."One million dollars!" He spoke with an emotionless face. She understood it now. The maids didn't get too much pay and like this it will take her whole life paying off the debt. That is why he's so smug.She was in her own thoughts when his next words got her curiosity."There's a way through which you can pay the whole amount at once. Then you'll be free to return to your family." He spoke in a deep voice.Her bright blue eyes met with his icy grey orbs. For the very first time she saw an emotion in his eyes other then anger. His icy grey orbs roamed at her body from head to toe. She felt chills at his gaze. His eyes turned darker and a smirk plastered on his face."Sleep with me."She took a step back at his words. Her blue orbs widen in shock. "W-What?" She stammered. Her blood turned cold at his words. She felt so exposed under his gaze at that moment, that she wanted to claw at his eyes until he bleeds."Have sex with me. Then I'll let you free-" Slap!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Alizey a 21 year old girl who is a university student,and lives happily with her family. She is a hijjabi and a practicing Muslimah. For her, her family is everything,and she can do anything for them.Alexander, the boss of the under world, known as Alex. He is ruthless,stone hearted man. What happened when he lays his eyes on a girl, who can never be his. What will he do to get her.READ TO FIND OUT.

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Wonderful book. Really enjoyed it. I’ll read the sequels too.
2023-06-05 01:09:40
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Meenu Loomba
author can u please post your book cardiologist with gun on this platform ... it's my humble request
2022-12-30 21:11:58
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Chanderika Sharma
amazing , mind - blowing story 💞💞💞❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😍
2021-07-10 17:53:59
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lovely 🌹🌹 🥰🥰🥰🥰
2021-07-03 22:45:05
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Jennifer Delponso
2021-04-12 21:26:23
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sonia gill
it's awesome
2021-04-05 04:30:50
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Good read! I enjoyed it very much!!
2021-02-04 08:52:03
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Ksema Laxmi
It's one of my favorite books❣ The story, the characters, everything is so good!❤
2021-01-28 16:42:09
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Nice story!!!
2020-10-14 03:15:09
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Issel Guese
i love the story very much ???
2020-09-25 01:47:48
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Sara Danihelova
Hi when will the next update be for mafia vengeance
2020-09-22 21:22:53
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I read this novel before at Wattpad. This is such an amazing novel and I love Alizey! ???
2020-09-09 12:20:46
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Very interesting
2020-08-03 00:48:29
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Shannon Backeberg
Really good. The perfect ending. Lot's going on to keep your attention but not too much to be distracting.
2020-07-26 12:41:11
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Pink Lady
Good book and story.. waiting for your next project.
2020-07-24 08:23:00
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55 Chapters
Copyright © 2020 by KATHLEEN HAYATAll Rights Reserved.No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any mean without the consent of the author who is the copyright holder and any infringement of this is the violation of law.This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the authors imagination or are used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locals is entirely coincidental.This book has mature content violence, abuse. You've been warned it can be triggering and is 18+ as it is a Dark Romance novel.I'm strictly against plagiarism! warning ⚠️ DO NOT COPY MY WORK!And yes please do give your votes and comments as it motivates me to write more.
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Chapter 1
Today is my last day of fourth semester. I'm studying physical therapy education which is of 4 Years. Well my name is Alizey, I'm 20 years old. I live with my parents and little brother. My best friend is Sarah and Anna. They are just like my sisters. In our friend circle we have me ,Sarah,Anna, Amir and Malik. We all are good friends.Sarah is beautiful chubby girl with hazel eyes and black hair. Where as Anna is hot and smart with blue eyes and blonde hairs. Malik on the other hand is topper of the class he's handsome with hazel eyes, brown hair and strong body.As it is our last day of fourth semester we planed to go for rides in the new park near our university. And decided that we will all meet at the park. After my classes I head out towards the bus stop. I was waiting for like 10 minutes but the bus wasn't coming so I decided to walk there. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. It was a great weather today.When I reached there, I only saw Amir . When he
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Chapter 2
Alex ( pov) :I was in a hurry for the meeting of our gang. I was driving on full speed I'm a care free person I don't care about traffic signals and all.But suddenly out of no where a woman came in front. I immediately pulled the breaks and it produces a screeching sound.My car hit the woman but it was not with that impact that she would die or something. I didn't bother to go out and check on her. She won't be dead that's for sure.I was waiting for her to move away from the car. So I can go. But she stood up and came to my side door. She started hitting on the glass window asking me to come out. (As if I'm gonna listen.)I didn't looked at her and brought some money towards the door, I opened it and threw the money at her so she may leave. And stop wasting my time. As I was about to start the car she came in front and started to search for something in her bag.
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Chapter 3
It's been 5 months since Ali was detected with cancer. But thanks to Allah that Ali is fine now. But his treatment is still going on. Papa was able to pay all the bills of the hospital. I've asked him how much the amount is payed for bills. But he never told me.My holidays were over .I'm going to university from 2 months now. Every thing is going fine. Today is Sunday. My day off from uni. So I've decided to spend today with Ali at the park. I went to his room. And told him to be ready in 30 minutes we will go to park. And he was jumping with excitement. I smiled at my brothers happiness.I went to my room wore my abaya, hijab and covered my face. I told my mom that we will be going to park and will be back in 2 hours. And we left for the park. When we reached there we bought ice-cream . I sat on the swing. While Ali started playing with his friends. I was sitting there and watching them playing.
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Chapter 4
She stirred a bit on her place as she slowly and gradually started opening her eyes. She blinked several times to get rid of the blurry vision. Her head hurts due to strong waves of headache. It took her few seconds to adjust her sight to her surrounding. And when she saw she isn't in her room,she panicked.The room was dark and it was completely empty the walls were covered in dirt and rust. She was lying on the bed. She immediately stood up and her hands reached towards her head to check that if she was even wearing her Hijab. Thankfully she was fully covered. She heaved a sigh but it was shortly lived. As she started panicking because of this unknown surrounding. The lane of memories flashed in her head. She stumbled backwards as she held her head in her hands.Bitter tears started to form in her eyes by remembering the things that happened with her and her family before she went unconscious. He kidnapped her and shot her father. The numb
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Chapter 5
But before she could even get close to the door. She was yanked back roughly. He was holding her wrist in his tight grip, and was holding her in place.The look he was giving her was deadly. She knew she shouldn't have tried to run but that was her instinct. Her rational thoughts are clouding her mind.She didn't felt intimidated by his posture, at the moment all she felt was malice towards him. She jerked her wrist away from his grip. She didn't cared weather she's hurting herself in the process all she wanted was to have his hands off of her."Don't touch me!" She seethed through gritted teeth.Alex was stunned to see such fierceness in her but the thing that irked him was the disgust in her eyes when he held her wrist. He masked his expressions and narrowed his gaze on her."Don't even think of running, this is your first and last warning." He spoke in a deadly calm voice.He moved closer t
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Chapter 6
Alizey felt a tapping on her shoulder, she stirred in her sleep and grumbled. "Just two minutes mom." But instead of the scolding she was met with giggling and definitely it wasn't her mom.Her eyes shot opened in an instant, and she sit up immediately on the floor. Her eyes met with soft hazel orbs. There was a girl sitting beside her on the floor and was smiling softly at her.Alizey was stunned for few seconds when she wasn't met with the familiar sight of her room but slowly all the memories came back with full force. She looked at the girl in front of her.Her blonde hair were tied up in a tidy bun, her eyebrows were perfectly shaped, small nose with high cheekbones, she was beautiful no doubt. She was wearing a maid type of uniform which was reaching her knees.Noticing Alizey's eyes on herself the girl spoke up while forwarding her hand for a shake "I'm Mia." Alizey gave her a leave me alone&nbs
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Chapter 7
She was completely aware of her surroundings and it wasn't helping a bit. At her back were the wolves and at her front was their Alpha in all his emotionless glory.She tore her gaze from his and moved aside to walk away, all his doings started to cloud her mind in repeating scenarios and all she wanted to do at that moment was to punch him hard in the face, but before she could take a step away, to her dismay her wrist was clasped in a large tattooed hand. All her anger vanished and instead replaced by disgust."Don't touch me!" She hissed through gritted teeth.Instead of listening to her, he narrowed his gaze at her and yanked her forward towards the table and said. "This here is the new maid."No one dared to speak and all she felt at that moment was humiliation.How dare he!"First of all this is a human not a thing and second of all this is how you heir maids by kidna
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Chapter 8
She did her ablution and started praying. She lifted her hands in front of her creator and cried her heart out. She prayed for the safety of her family her friends. She prayed to see her family again. Her tears stricken face expressed her sorrow in front of her lord. She didn't know how's her fathers health, she didn't know how's her mother and brother are coping up with the situation and she didn't want to even imagine it. She felt a bit relieved after sharing her grief with Almighty ALLAH.She wasn't planning on staying here at all. She knew she's living with criminals that's why she was always cautious. She's all calm and composed because she was planning to escape. She'll behave like a good working maid and when they'll let their guards down. She'll make a run for it. From last four days she was doing all the chores which Mia told her to do. She did everything, but all the tasks which must be done in the presence of the criminals, Alizey avoide
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Chapter 9
"What the fuck woman?"He seethed in rage. Never in his twenty seven years someone dared to slap him. And here this fragile woman with fire in her eyes slapped him. Either she is extraordinarily brave or she's simply a fool.She felt his fingers tightened around her throat making her breathing sparse. She was clawing at his hands but to no avail. He didn't even budge. His eyes were looking so vicious long gone was the icy cold gaze but was replaced with dark raging one."Ssss-top!" She whispered heavily.He did the total opposite and jerked her forward towards himself. His face was merely inches away from her. Her feets were barely touching the floor and her eyes and face was completely red. Black dots started to form in her vision. At that moment she felt like this is it. She's going to die! She started reciting kalima shahada."Never! Just never even think of disrespecting me again. I won't be mer
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