Chapter 13

Alizey was crying in her room, she felt so humiliated and vulnerable that she wanted to kill him at that moment she was so much angry at him because he made her helpless.

Mia was hugging Alizey and was consoling her with sweet words.

"Is she alright!" They both got startled by Jacks voice.

Alizey parted away from Mia and faced Jack. "Do I look alright to you!" She spoke sarcastically and marched towards Jack in complete anger to which he moved back looking a bit scared. "I'm going to kill that boss of yours. Trust me! I will put chilli paste in his eyes so he will become blind than I will beat him to pulp with my BARE HANDS!" She shouted the last part on top of her lungs while crying, making Jack to cover his ears.

"Jeez woman slow down. You're damaging my eardrums for CRYING OUT LOUD!" He spoke in the same manner like hers earning a death glare from her. "And trust me don't even think about this chili paste revenge

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