Chapter 17

"Shhh...I'm here Mia. Don't cry." Alizey cooed, lightly patting her head.

Mia wiped her tears and nose and was looking at the wall with immense deep thoughts. "He killed my parents." Mia said with trembling lips.

Alizey looked confused as well as mortified. "He, who?" Mia closed her eyes. "Mike" She spoke with such venom that Alizey couldn't stifle her gasp.

"He killed them when I was 17. He is known in the mafia for his high level of human trafficking business. He also runs a prostitution business and he had forced me into prostitution, when I refused and fought back. He made his man to rape me in front of him." Her lips trembled and tears poured heavily from her crystal eyes.

Alizey couldn't stopped her tears from breaking out. "When the will to fight him back left me. He was glad that he broke me. He sold me in one of his auctions."

Mia's breathing hitched as if she's reliving everything again. A

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