Chapter 47

A point comes in life when you sail in middle of the ocean, trapped on contemplating whether to turn back to the never ending darkness or to chase the stars, and reach the far away place an oasis in darkness a heaven of happiness, yet it felt surreal to the imagination itself.

A time when the simple air within stills in a pausing manner leaving your breathing sparse. The sun that once shines brightly hid behind the gloomy dark clouds, the waves that once crashed on the rocky edges of the shore stop, the stars fall down from their crown of a sky. Spreading emptiness in the loop of darkness in each corner. Everything around him is in ruins, and all he can do was stand there. Numb to do anything.

Silence played in each corner.

Sitting in the almost empty hallway of the corridor. The man stared at the cream wall ahead. A storm was burying in him that plays across the tides.

Lost in its own thoughts, unaware of the storm

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