Chapter 49

Speeding it didn't take him much time as he reached to his destination. Running like a mad man through the corridors, he opened the door panting.

There in front of him layed his life. His Corazon with machines attached to her body to keep her


His vision blurred with tears as he slowly came inside the room. Sitting on the chair beside her bed. Carefully taking her delicate hand in his large one he spoke. "It's been seven months baby. P-please wake up."

The man hold her hand as he sobbed placing his forehead on her hand. His body racked with sobs as tears wet his beard. The door suddenly opened as the doctor came in.

"Sir congratulations. I was just about to call you that your wife just got out of the coma this morning-" The doctor's voice trailed of.

Alexander felt his heart stopped as he felt a slightest of the squeeze on his hand. His eyes shot up as it met with tired mesmerising doe

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