Josie POV

Okay, the kiss, the contract, everything was happening so fast and I didn't know how to put myself on hold from this


I questioned myself ''Should I?'' I thought about it and gave a final solution.

Maybe, I should.

I had to think about my personal shit; student loaned in debt, paying off of my car, I have to find a new apartment within two weeks. I'm in the deep end and don't know where I would stand for this mess I've got myself to.

Even though I only wanted to be assigned to Personal Assistant, but now I have to ''fake'' getting married to the Matthias Lekas.

Is it wrong? Yes, but, I have no choice but to do so. Simply for my own doing, getting rid of these debts that I have on my hands. Besides, it's not like Matthias would fall in love with someone like me, he's all about the business, so I'm treating it as a business.


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