Billionaire In Control

Billionaire In Control

By:  vastie decius  Ongoing
Language: English
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"The beauty of love is that You can fall into it with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time." - Ritu Ghatourey ...... Matthias Lekas is a typical billionaire bad boy who will not take no for an answer, not until he meets Josie. Things change between both of them when he asked her to be his wife, not for love but for lust. But, that all change when he grew in feelings for her and that was a problem for him because it was part of their contract that it was strictly business... not for pleasure.

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50 Chapters
Matthias POVthree weeks earlier...I should have been having a blast instead of feeling as if I were facing the most important decision of my life.It was one of those rock and hard place decisions. Damned if I did and damned if I didn't."I need a drink," I mumbled."I'll get you one, sweetie." A pretty blond woman sitting on a leather couch across from me quickly jumped up to do just that.Zach looked at me and smiled. "That was easy."It hadn't exactly been what I meant. I needed a drink, but I didn't expect her to fetch it for me. She was a guest. She returned a minute later with a margarita, the rim of the glass-lined with salt. It wasn't exactly the drink I had in mind, but it would do."Thank you," I said, unable to remember her name.She smiled. "Any time, Matthias. If you need anything, you only have to ask."I smil
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Matthias POVthree weeks (present time)KnockKnock''Sir, you have the meeting with Josephine later today," Lena, my receptionist said. "Do you need her file?"I shook my head. "No."The phone rang, and she answered it from my own desk, which felt a little strange, but she would have slapped my hand away if I tried to answer my own phone."Just a moment please," she said, pushing a button and returning the phone to its cradle."Who is it?" I asked."Your father's attorney. He says it's important."I groaned. That couldn't be good. "Thank you, Lena.""Good afternoon, Bob," I said, picking up the phone."Matthias, we need to talk."I let out a long sigh. I already knew what he wanted to talk about. It was more pressure about getting married.
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Josie POVThe butterflies dancing in my stomach were making me jitter.I was meeting with the CEO, which was only making me more nervous. Matthias Lekas had a very colorful reputation.I knew of him vaguely but had never been all that interested in getting to know more about him.I was convinced he was like the rest of the men who were wealthy and held positions of power.That was not the kind of man that interested me.Matthias was the consummate playboy. I had seen picture after picture of him on that stupid yacht of his. Most of the photos I'd seen were on the phones of fellow models who wanted to show off who they were dating.He never "dated" anyone. He had a good time with beautiful women and kept moving. I dismissed Matthias and his wild social life. None of that mattered."Stop freaking yourself out," I whispered as I stepped into the elevator.
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Matthias POVI hadn't been able to think of anything else except for my father's demands. I would lose everything. He hadn't given me a choice. He was making me marry someone I couldn't possibly love.In his attempt to give me that happiness he was convinced I was missing out on, he was damning me to a miserable life of being trapped in a marriage I didn't want.I felt physically ill.The stress over what had to be done was disrupting my ability to think straight. No matter how much I tried to think of anything else, everything seemed to come back to my father's will.Going home, I realized I could soon be out of a job.Sitting behind my desk reminded me it could all be gone in nine months. I felt like my entire life was about to crumble beneath me.....The morning passed in a blur.I barely remembered the meetings, only the
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Josie POVFew men had ever made me feel all warm and bubbly inside, but Matthias Lekas had just joined the ranks of those men.He was gorgeous.Before our meeting, I knew who he was and had seen his picture a few times, but his reputation had always kept me from being even remotely interested. Now, I could see why women flocked to him.He had a dangerous edge about him that I found extremely attractive. His green eyes looked unnatural and incredibly hot.I could stare at him all day."Married?" I asked, his question finally sinking in through my befuddled brain.He smiled. It was a sexy, charming smile that made my face feel warm. "Yes. I asked if you're married."I shook my head. "No."I wasn't sure why he'd asked the question. It seemed a little odd and out of the blue.He smiled and nodded his he
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Josie POV Okay, the kiss, the contract, everything was happening so fast and I didn't know how to put myself on hold from thisdisaster. I questioned myself ''Should I?'' I thought about it and gave a final solution. Maybe, I should. I had to think about my personal shit; student loaned in debt, paying off of my car, I have to find a new apartment within two weeks. I'm in the deep end and don't know where I would stand for this mess I've got myself to. Even though I only wanted to be assigned to Personal Assistant, but now I have to ''fake'' getting married to the Matthias Lekas. Is it wrong? Yes, but, I have no choice but to do so. Simply for my own doing, getting rid of these debts that I have on my hands. Besides, it's not like Matthias would fall in love with someone like me, he's all about the business, so I'm treating it as a business.&nb
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Matthias POVWhy would anyone call Josie useless? I mean... look at her, she's fucking gorgeous.Josie took the pen from her purse and set the contract down on a headboard to sign it. The fee
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Matthias POVI strolled through the lobby of the headquarters and went over to my office.''Excuse me, Mr.Lekas, uh I need to speak with you,'' said Eugene, one of my receptionists.
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Matthias POVI strolled through the lobby of the headquarters and went over to my office.''Excuse me, Mr.Lekas, uh I need to speak with you,'' said Eugene, one of my receptionists.
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Josie POVI held the towel tighter around my body. Matthias made it certain to keep his eyes on my face, not looking towards my body. He was tense, looking at me like I was his own prey.''You're acting like the rules don't apply to
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