Wish Upon A Star
Wish Upon A Star
Author: _serxein
Chapter 1: Alyia.

Alyia's POV. 

“Let’s welcome our guest for tonight! The most in demand model of this generation, the best actress awardee of this year, the woman behind the success of Vega Group of Companies. Let's clap our hands for Miss Alyia Lyra Vega!”, the host announced.

That was my go signal. I came out from the backstage. All smiles. I tried to hide my frown. I waved and smiled before taking my seat. 

“Welcome to our show, Miss Vega. It's such an honor to have you here. Well, we all know that you have a hectic schedule. Thank you for letting us have you.”, she smiled to me but that smile can't fool me. That can't change her true color. 

I tried my best to fake my laugh. Well, for the past years that I'm here at this industry, I mastered one thing. Faking. 

I shook my head and smiled to show my dimples. 

“No. The pleasure is mine so please, enough for the flowery words. We all know that your show is popular among people nowadays.”, I tried to keep my fake smile. 

Cameras and people are around me. That's the problem in this industry. One wrong move, the world will judge your whole personality. 

My attention was diverted to the host when she starts asking me questions. 

All of her questions were related to modeling, managing a company at an early age, acting and other stuffs that I do. 

“So how's the life of a Alyia Lyra Vega these days? You are really popular to people these days. Everyone were really adoring you for being such a role model to everyone.”, she commented that made me shrug. 

“Well, my schedule is really tight right now but I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying managing my time for the company and for the projects I got into.”, I smiled to the camera and nodded.

More questions were asked. So many to mention. All I know is I want to be out of here and stop faking my treatment towards this annoying girl in front of me.

Every time I answer her questions, I kept on flipping me hair, crossing me legs, faking my laugh, agreeing to all of her comments about nonsense things. 

When her last question was mentioned.

I was a bit shocked but immediately removed the visible reaction on my face. 

“We heard that there's this issue about you. It's about a scandal. Is that you? No offense but I found the face of the girl in the video and your face that it seemed like they're exactly similar.”, the host said while staring at me.

I know she's expecting me to be hysterical here in her show by what she said but no, I won't give the satisfaction she's expecting to get. 

I smiled and shook my head. 

“Of course not. You mentioned earlier that my schedule is really hectic, right? Where would I get time to fool around? Many guys were linked to me but nah, I'm fine by myself. I don't need a man to fill me as a woman. Social media is surrounded by all kinds of people. Who would've thought my haters will go that far that they made a video of me to bring me down? But the truth is, the people who watched that video and thought that it was me, are really easy to fool. Maybe including you, miss? What's your name again and I will add it to my list of blockheaded people.” 

My smile turned into a grin when I saw her reaction. She raised her brows and rolled her eyes. 

One thing that I learned in this world that I am living at is always be classy. Handle all of the situation with class. 

I reached for the remote and turned off the television. Wearing my peach velvet pajamas, I was about to get a glass of water from the fridge when my phone suddenly rang. 

“Alyia, my baby, you're on fire again. The crowd was curious how are you and the host ended up. Just minutes before your interview was aired, you are currently trending. Check your twitter.”

It was her Mommy Iya. Her manager for 10 long years. 

“I’ll check it later, mommy. I need to do my skin care before going to sleep and let me ask you before I check my social media accounts, are the comments about me and the host bad or good for my image?”, I said to her with a calmed voice.

Well, it doesn’t matter if it's good or bad comments. At this time even if it's good or bad, I must be thankful for the attention the crowd has been giving me. I had a lot of fanbases around the world so, let them be. I don't really know why people like me. I'm a brat, I admit. 

“Well, darling, bad comments turn into good ones because the crowd will be more curious about you. Issues and scandals about you are everywhere but the way you delivered your statement in that show, people are admiring you for your poise and calmness.”, her proud voice said to me. 

That's what everyone in this industry was aiming, fame. Everyone but except me. At first, I had so much baggages that I carried so I got this modeling stuff as my pain reliever. For the sake of keeping me busy, I accepted projects after projects. I thought it would lessen my stress but it's really opposite. I think “Stress” is my middle name. It won't leave me alone.

“Okay, mommy. I'll try to check my accounts later.”, I said and immediately ended the call. 

I sighed heavily then I put my phone at the top of the table. I'm not curious about how the public reacts to my actions. I just act what I want to act except for the vulnerability inside me. I won't show that side of me. 

I sat at my couch facing the television. 

I shrugged and got my phone back at my hands and started to scroll up and down. 

I didn't see any new comments. All of those were so clichés. Just the same comments. 

Bad and good were mixed. My fans were defending my name for me. The social media is really surrounded by hypocrite people that judges the whole person by just seeing a small part of her life.

I breathed in and out a couple of times before turning off my phone. 

I was just sitting there, not knowing what would I do next. 

Would I need to conduct a press-con? It's just a small thing, though and I really don't care about what other people think of me. 

I remembered Mommy Iya and my staffs' hard work just to put me here at where I am right now and I think, that's enough for me to care about my image. Not for myself but for the people behind my success in this industry. 

I got my phone again and dialed my Secretary's number. 

“Good Evening, Madame. What can I do for you?”, her still sleepy voice said. 

“Do I have a important meeting or any party to attend next week?”, I said without hesitation. 

“Let me check your schedule first, Madame.”, she said and I heard sounds of papers being unfolded. 

I waited for a few minutes and before getting a answer from her. 

“Well, Madame, You have to attend a wedding of one of our business partner. Also, a meeting with the engineers holding your new project, which is a soon to rise up resort and you have papers to sign at your office.”

I cut her by replying that I won't be attending those events and I will be away again for the next few weeks.

“But Madame, these papers needs your sign as soon as possible.”, Debbie said one more time. 

“Okay okay. Just send them here at my condo. Is that fine?”, I asked. Sighing in disbelief. 

I know I'll be having another busy week because as what Mommy Iya said, I'm on fire. Again. 

“That would be fine, Madame. Is it okay if I ask why are you going to be away again for weeks?”, she asked politely. 

“I've been doing your supposed to be job this month, Madame and soon, I'll be considering to be a replacement of you in the company. What do you think?”, Debbie added and chuckled a little. 

I chuckled too. Well, she's right. This month has been really a busy month for me. Projects after projects. Runways after runways. Shootings for my upcoming movie. 

I, myself can't believe that I did multi-task. 

“Will you shut up, Debbie? Once I've finished these hectic schedule of mine, I'll go back to work and look for a new secretary.”, she said.

My smile wasn't removed from my lips, instead it widened when the moment I heard Debbie’s loud voice through the phone. 

“Madame! I've worked for you since day 1 and you'll just replace me just like that? Unbelievable.”

I laughed at her reaction. There's no way I'm going to replace Debbie. She's the best secretary that I got. 

“Uh-uh.”, I said trying to annoy her. 

“Ma'am what I'm just saying is maybe. Just maybe you'll increase my salary because of my extra effort.”

I heard a sigh from her.

“How much increase are you aiming to get?”, I asked her.

I got an idea inside my head that will surely annoy her. 

I chucked at that thought.

“Maybe, doubling my salary is enough.”, Debbie answered. 

“Oh okay. I will planning to triple your salary but then you want it doubled so, okay.”

I ended the call and laughed so hard. 

My phone beep. I saw that the text was from Debbie.

How can you be so unfair, Madame?!

My laugh continued 'til I found myself in my kitchen, drinking a glass of water. 

I did my skin care, changed my clothing into pajamas and quickly got into my bed. I stared at my ceiling for a few minutes before being drowned to sleep. 

* * * 

“More! Yes, that's right! Fiercer look, Miss Vega!”

I can't see clearly because of the lights of the camera hitting my face. I just obeyed what the photographer is commanding me to do. 

I'm not new to this so I did more poses for this to end early. My head has been aching for hours. Geez! 

Right after the photographer announced that we can all rest and the shoot went well, I immediately sat at the chair beside me, glanced at where my personal assistant is and signaled her to go get some water. 

“Thank you for picking our clothing line, Miss Vega.”, the photographer approached her with a smile. 

She replied with a sweet smile. 

I shook my head. 

“Oh no, it's really my pleasure to work with you.”

“I've heard about your issue with Eli, the host! You probably known her, right?”, he asked me but my attention was on my secretary who's walking towards us holding a bottle of water.

I reached for my mini-fan inside my bag and the moment I got it, I turned it on and start to get some air. 

“Well, a video of her is currently spreading in the social media. She was mistreating all of her staffs. All of the people really thinks she's a brat.”

I wasn't shock about that 'video' thing 'cause I've seen it with my own eyes. How she treated her staffs is really different from how she acts with them when the camera is on. 

“Uh-huh. And?”, I asked him 'cause I want to know more about that specific issue. 

That bitch deserves it, though.

“And according to her manager, she will be asking for your forgiveness by how she acted in front of you.”

I arched my brow because of what I heard. 

“Ma'am, here's your water.”, Mira's voice interrupted. 

I reached for the bottle she was holding.

“Thank you and please prepare the car. I will be going to my next shoot after this.”, I smiled sweetly at her and told her to go.

I returned my gaze to the person in front of me.

“What’s your name again?”, I asked while raising my right brow. 

“Uhm Cornelie. Eddie Cornelie.”, the man in front of me stuttered. 

What’s with the stuttering? Minutes ago, we're just talking casually. 

I stood up and tapped his shoulder before walking away. 

“Hope to do more projects with you soon, Mr. Cornelie.”, I smiled at him and left him there. 

* * * 

“Why aren't we moving forward? Geez, I'm going to be late for my next shoot!”, I said with an irritated voice. 

“I'm really sorry, Ma'am. It's really because of the traffic.” 

I sighed in disbelief and waited for the car would stop. 

When the car stopped in front of the venue. I was a little bit shocked when I saw Eli sitting at and if I am right, it's my seat. 

All of the people were talking and staring at me the moment I entered the room.

When I shifted my gaze to Eli, she was smiling weakly at me. I faked a smie and stared at her. 

“Alyia! You're here! I was planning to cancel the shoot because I thought, you're not going.”, the photographer mumbled when I saw her. 

“Who am I to reject this project? I've been stuck at traffic. I'm really sorry.”, I said in a apologetic voice. 

“Well, go and change. We'll start the shoot right now.”

I immediately walked to my dressing room but my gaze went to Eli who's walking towards me right now. 

“What do you want? I'm in a hurry, you know. So better burst out all of your speech in a minute.”, I murmured. 

Irritation was what I'm feeling right now. 

“Uhm.. I'm sorry for what happened the last day. Offending you is not really my goal and please, I know that the video of me mistreating my staffs is from one of your fans. Please make it stop. I beg you.”, her voice cracked. 

It looks like she can cry anytime now. 

Was it my fault? No. That's her karma. 

I tapped her shoulder and shook my head. 

“That’s your karma. Live with it. Live with the consequences that your actions led you to.”

Just like that, I left her dumbfounded. 

She should learn that all actions, right or not will return to her. 

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