Wish Upon A Star

Wish Upon A Star

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Alyia Lyra Vega; a model and a successful businesswoman. She believes that success means being able to show the world what you're capable of. What you're best at. She can be described as a tough woman, a woman that can do better than man. An independent woman. But what if all of those judgements from people are wrong? What if the tough woman that many people is inspired of can be weak sometimes? Or even all of the time? Will Cosmos Alexandrus fulfill his purpose? Can he melt the cold heart of the great Alyia Lyra Vega?

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61 Chapters
Chapter 1: Alyia.
Alyia's POV. “Let’s welcome our guest for tonight! The most in demand model of this generation, the best actress awardee of this year, the woman behind the success of Vega Group of Companies. Let's clap our hands for Miss Alyia Lyra Vega!”, the host announced.That was my go signal. I came out from the backstage. All smiles. I tried to hide my frown. I waved and smiled before taking my seat. “Welcome to our show, Miss Vega. It's such an honor to have you here. Well, we all know that you have a hectic schedule. Thank you for letting us have you.”, she smiled to me but that smile can't fool me. That can't change her true color. I tried my best to fake my laugh. Well, for the past years that I'm here at this industry, I mastered one thing. Faking. I shook my head and smiled to show my dimples. “No. The pleasure is mine so please, enough for the flowery words. We all know that your show is popular among people nowadays.”, I tried to keep my fake smile. Cameras and people are around m
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Chapter 2: Bodyguard for Hire.
Alyia's POV.“Alyia is really a brat. Why don't she accept the apologies of Eli? She just believes that she's superior to Eli because she's popular.”“What Alyia did was really perfect. Let Eli suffer from her own mistakes!”“Alyia, the queen. She really has a good heart except for those people that deserves to have a nice treatment. I salute you, Miss Vega!”I scrolled up and down, saw so many words about me. I don't know how but there's a video of us. Me and Eli. It was a video of how Eli apologized to me and how I rejected her. I reached for a bottle of water on my side table and drank from it. “See? The people really admires you.”Mommy Iya is here at my condo. She insisted to be with me this weekend and I don't know why. “I don't really care, Mommy. I just did what I think she deserves.”, I answered and shrugged. “Darling, keep doing those. Your popularity will really increase and I think you deserve that.”I smiled at her sweetly and returns my gaze to my phone. I continued t
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Chapter 3: The Wish.
Alyia's POV.After what happened there, Mommy Iya decided to start the interview for my bodyguard as soon as possible. She asked me to rest but my mind won't.The case about my father was been in my mind for hours. What if my father didn't really committed suicide? What if someone killed him? But that is impossible. I saw how he pointed the gun on his head. I saw how he fell to the ground holding the gun. I was staring at the glass of milk in front of me while thinking of those things. Later on, I decided to drink the glass of milk, change into pajamas, did my skin care and laid down my bed. “Mommy, why do you always stare at the sky?” “Hmm? Because the sky can always be a friend. You can always say to the universe all of your problems and it will always listen. When you feel like you don't have anyone to talk to, try to look at the sky. You'll be relaxed.”, she said while caressing my hair. My brows furrowed by what she said.“The sky can be a friend? How? It doesn’t even talk,
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Chapter 4: Annoying Guy.
Alyia's POV.I woke up because of the sunrays hitting my face. I stood up and felt my head is aching so bad. I massaged the side of my head and wore my slippers. I went inside the bathroom and took a long bath. I brushed my teeth and went out from my bathroom.“Alyia, darling are you up already?”, it was Mommy Iya's voice while knocking. “Yes, Mommy. I'll just go get changed!”, I responded.“Okay. Take your time. Just go down stairs if you're ready.”, she said before I heard footsteps leaving. I sighed and starts to look for clothes. I walked in my walk in closet and grabbed a white slit sleeve top paired with a black pencil skirt and a pair of black d'orsay flats.I applied a very light makeup and when I was contented by how I look, I quickly walked downstairs. “Good Morning, darling. I bought you pasta for breakfast. The interview will only be held here in your condo since the media is so eager to hear your side, I concluded that the best place to held an interview is here. Is
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Chapter 5: Human Umbrella.
Alyia's POV. I spent my rest day inside my condo. I didn’t want to show up at people. I'm sure that all of them are just going to stare at me until I melt. I rolled my eyes and turned off the television. When I stood up and took little steps to my room, I caught Cosmos staring at me.“Quit staring. It's weird.”, I said that made him turn his gaze to the television and back at me again.“What? It's 8 pm already. Aren’t you going home?”, I asked him.I saw him turn his attention to the wall clock. “Uhm I don't really have a uhm..”, I raised a brow when I heard him stuttering.“You don't have a what?”, I asked and went to the kitchen. He followed me there.“Ma'am, Can I stay here? I didn't bought a house.”, he said as he slightly scratched the back of his neck. I sighed in disbelief. “Where will you sleep, then? In my room? Hell no!”, I exclaimed and opened the fridge. “U-uhm… I can sleep there. If it's okay?”, he asked while pointing at the sofa. I got a box of fresh milk and nod
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Chapter 6: Weird.
Alyia's POV. “What is wrong with you?!”Based on the tone of my voice, I'm really irritated. Irritated of this guy in front of me. “Did I know that it's going to be flown by the wind? I'm not the God of the Wind, ma'am for you to be informed. So, it's practically not my fault.”And what the heck is with his wide smile? Is he that happy that we're soaking wet right now? That there's a possibility that I'll get a fever because of him?! “If I catch a fever, you're fired! Argh! You're making me more irritated because of your freaking face!”, I shouted with full of irritation in the tone of my voice again. “I’m not responsible if you'll catch fever, ma'am. Am I the one that went to the cemetery alone and didn't bring any umbrella? It's your idea to get wet under the rain, not mine.”, he said once again and raised both of his hands as a sign of surrender."Argh! You are so irritating! Why would you do that gesture at me when your umbrella isn't that good. It is really dense enough for t
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Chapter 7: His Mission.
Alyia's POV. I rolled again around my bed for the nth time. What he said made me thinking and I don't know why.It's getting late but I can't sleep because of what he said. Darn. After hours of rolling around my bed, I decided to stand up and get a bottle of milk. This should really help make me sleep, I said to myself. I passed by the dining area.Taking steps to the kitchen, I saw Cosmos' sleeping face. Pulling strands of my hair because what he said earlier. It really went inside me. Argh! He's so annoying! The moment I got what I was supposed to get, I quickly ran to my room. Hours after, I already fallen asleep. * * * "Good morning, madam! It's monday! You should get going."My eyes were half-closed when I heard Debbie's voice. She woke me up by calling me this early. I turned my gaze to the clock on my phone and saw that it is just 8:40 am. So early. "What? So early, Debbie. I didn't get enough sleep last night, you know.", I said with a sleepy voice. "Oh my! You forg
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Chapter 8: The Girl Under The Rain.
Alyia's POV. "You have three meetings to attend later, madame. Also, you have to visit the site. Remember the resort that's soon to rise? You have to visit it personally. As the board wishes.", Debbie said while holding her folder that states all of my schedule. "Okay. You may go out.", I commanded her.After a few seconds, I heard a closing of the door. "Good morning, Cole.", it's Debbie's voice from outside. "Here's the steak, ma'am. And also, there's rice. I know that you haven't eaten yet. So, sorry if you woke up and didn't found me by your side. I just bought you breakfast."There comes his annoying face with a smirk again. Last night, he was acting like somebody else. Not like this. A weirdo. That's Cosmos for you. "It's okay and besides, I thought this day would be so peaceful but when I saw your face, I realized that bad days really exists.", I said as I get the food from his hand.Tapping his shoulder, I smirked. Now, it was him who rolled his eyes. I stared at him, a
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Chapter 9: Chicken Wings For Her, A Thank You For Him.
Alyia's POV. I woke up because I felt something banging my head. "Aww.", I said and felt pain so I caressed my head. "Ma'am, are you okay?" My eyes are closed because of the pain I am enduring now. The person who asked me handed me a glass of water and I immediately drank from it. "Thank you.", I said after drinking that lessen the pain that I was feeling. "That is a first."When I recognized his voice, I rolled my eyes. There he goes again. "Will you please shut up? Where's my clothes? I have so many things to review and sign.", I said and tried to stand up but I can't. It felt like my body is so heavy. I can't even move as fast as I can. When I tried to stand up, I feel like my sight was moving in a circular motion. "I feel dizzy.", I uttered while massaging gently the sides of head. "That's because you're stubborn."I gave him a death glare when he said that. "I am not!", I shouted and tried to stand up again but I felt dizzy again. Before anything happens, Cosmos' arms
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Chapter 10: The Kiss Under The Night Sky.
Alyia's POV."These clothes aren't matched for what I will do today! For God's sake, Cosmos?! A cocktail dress? High heels? I have so many tapings and shoots that I have to attend to and you'll tell me that you bought these?", I said as I massage my head because these clothes in front of me is giving me a headache. "I just pulled anything that I laid my eyes on your closet, ma'am.", Cosmos said while bowing his head. "Well, you better go back at the condo and bring clothes that's more comfortable. Please, I'll be late for my shoot.", I said without glancing at him. I feel sorry for him. His only dury is to guard me. Make sure that I'm safe but here I am, letting him do the tasks that my personal assistant must do. Sorry, Cosmos. "Ma'am?"I turned around and saw Debbie holding a folder. "Yes, Debbie?""You just have to sign these, ma'am. Cosmos already reviewed these. All you need to do is sign it. Cosmos stayed up overnight just to finish these, ma'am.", she said while handing me
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