The night was still very young and the strength in my limbs were failing gradually. I flagged a cab at the front of the hospital and entered calmly. I relished the warmth in the vehicle. The taxi driver was wearing a black cap but it didn't bother me. I thought about John and wondered what would have transpired between him and Danjuma. I closed my eyes and smiled at the shimmer of thought of Eniola. I felt a discomfort in my belly and noticed the taxi driver driving well over the speed limit.

"Please stop overspeeding, where are you rushing to?" I inquired, placing a trembling hand on the headrest.

I got no response from the driver but he didn't slow down either. He continued with his uncontrollable driving which made me wonder if he was drunk. A harsh movement made my head hit the headrest harshly which made me spit out words of venom.

"Are you out of your mind? How do

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