Your Honor

Your Honor

By:  Oni Kehinde  Completed
Language: English
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Twin brothers.Different personalities. Completely identical. Except for a tattoo. One an ex-convict. The other a judge. Watch out for a thrilling drama as secrets and twists play out in this blockbuster story.You can read my interviewand oni,

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33 Chapters
JOHN'S POV The loud shaking of the large cell gates woke me from my slumber as I squeezed my eyes to catch a glimpse of the intruder. A tall lanky man dressed in black dragged me by the collar of my prison wear from my bug infested bed to the Chief Warden's office. A sense of awareness stuck in my throat. What have I done this time? I came face to face with the man that once ushered me into this large iron bars. "You have been in a different world for the past seven years. You have now known what it means to live behind the iron gate. None of my assistants knew you before you were brought in here. The law brought you in. It is hoped that you will go out there into the real world and settle down to a normal life that will keep you out of trouble." He said sternly.  "Yes sir, I've learnt a lot here, I promise to be a good citizen when I get back home. Thank you." I replied.&n
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Narrator's POV The moon was the only source of light in the darkness of the night. James walked, hands in his suit pockets. He stopped to look at his watch, it was ten at night. A yawn escaped from his lips, he was exhausted. Cases upon cases. He deliberately left his phone at his house because of his mom's constant bugging with calls. He remembered he hadn't had a reasonable meal since morning.  He was at the underground parking lot close to the court where he worked. All of a sudden, he remembered Eniola , his ex-girlfriend that he refused to get over. He knew they both wanted to work things out, but he was too busy likewise she. Every conversation on the phone always ended with an argument and he wasn't ready to mix his profession with a nagging girlfriend.  James sighed, he knew he loved her. She was the only one that he could control and order about. But Eniola was always bugging him about
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JOHN'S POV Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring! I stretched my arms still in sleeping mode and smashed the alarm clock sitting on the bedroom lamp stand on the tiled ground. That would do the trick , I sat up on the white king-sized bed which was now in disarray. I rubbed my eyes and got up from the bed. James never came back. He probably didn't want to see me, or Mama had notified him that I was coming to meet him. I hissed , he can go wherever he wants to. I went to the bathroom, it was another sight I couldn't stop feeding my eyes on. James was really rich, but I thought judges are just supposed to be comfortable. My eyes caught a clean shaving stick and I knew my moustache was begging to be shaved. It didn't take five minutes before bits of hair was sprawled all over the sink. I went to the bath tub and scrubbed my body clean. The soap was scented with pineapple and strawberries. I reached to scrub my sh
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JOHN'S POV "The court may rise!"  The loud and banging voice of the clerk pushed the people off their seats to respect the judge. But my heart was pounding rapidly and my bladder was growing enormously in urine. That was fear. I rested my head on the tip of the wooden table. Should I continue or should I abscond? "The court may sit!" I groaned internally, my decision had been made. I looked at the masses. The reporters were on standby, ready to write and deliver. The photographers were ready to take all angles of pictures of me. I looked at the spiral bound book once more and started to read aloud.  "On the 15th of April, 2016, Mr. Tolu Olugoke, the accused was arrested with a charge of physical assault on a thirteen-year-old identified as his daughter, Mariam, the victim."  I paused for a second. 
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JOHN'S POV  Breath in! Breath out! Breathe in!  Those were the words that I kept saying as I splashed water on my face. After the thorough refreshingly moment, I looked at the mirror and started to undo my tie. A huge feeling of disappointment had settled on my brows and I hit my palm on my forehead severally.  I straightened my clothes and reached for the door knob but the knob also moved at that same moment, it caused a frenzy of fear and I screamed.  "Eniola, what are you doing in the men's toilet?" I said, putting my hands on my chest.  "I was searching for you everywhere and I figured you might be right here," Eniola chipped in smiling.  "Thanks for caring," I muttered in a sarcastic manner and fled through the doors.  I removed the judge’s robe, placed it on my right
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 JAMES'S POV Flashback I walked into the court with a confident smile as usual. I knew the hearing of the day and even without glancing through it, I knew the verdict already. It was a planned event and well already paid for. I knew I was doing the wrong thing but the gift Danjuma would give would act as a consolation. "The court may sit!" I was so lost in thought that I couldn't even hear what the clerk was saying. I knew I just had to do this. "On the 4th of April, 2016. Mr Femi Salami was arrested with a charge of murder on the victim, Mrs Sade Salami,who is identified as his mother. He has undergone two trials and this is the last and final trial" "Is the accused present?" I continued.
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 JOHN'S POV"Now I am really confused ,it was her mother all along. What then was the pity stunt she pulled in the court?" I asked, looking intently at Eniola."As far as I know, only Mariam can divulge that information," Eniola muttered."And how is Mariam going to be the solution. She's not going to be in court and her innocent father will go to jail." I said yelling at Eniola."Quit yelling at me." Eniola hissed."Mariam will come to the court if she wants to tell the truth and that's all." Eniola said fastening her seat belts."We should have probably kidnapped her." I muttered under my breath."Excuse me?" Eniola said frowning."It's nothing. Don't bother." I said hurriedly."So where's the way to your house?" I said kicking the car to a start."Turn left, then go right and drop me,"
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 ENIOLA'S POVIt was really a bright Tuesday morning as lawyers adjusted their ties and their assistants running behind them to give them a breakdown on the day's turn in. I walked through the stairs with caution as I wanted to impress James with my black jumpsuit. I saw a familiar figure advancing towards me and I smiled and walked faster to catch up with him."You look more handsome than normal." I cooed."You look undeniably stunning Eniola." Ayo said ,blowing an invisible kiss."I know." I said.I grabbed his hands and interlocked it as we walked towards our respective offices."So how's everything?" Ayo said smiling at me."Well it's been a roller-coaster." I chuckled."And James?" Ayo asked."Well he's not so bad and he's kind of annoying" I pouted."It's being a lo
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 JOHN'S POVI reclined into my seat, reading newspapers were exhausting. The same headlines everyday. I knew that if I wanted to act like a judge at least I should be able to take a book and read on it.I stumbled on a textbook titled Elon Ad Vortem. It was an unfamiliar language that kept me intrigued. I checked it up on the internet and I couldn't belive that the meaning was so simple in contrast to the name itself. It meant Peace and Justice. I opened the pages and flipped through it .It was quite an heavy and voluminous textbook and the bulky paragraphs didn't help my condition.I can't do this. I opted to ask for Eniola's help.I yelled her name but I got no reply. Maybe she was trying to ignore me as usual. I stood up and checked through the glass windows and Eniola was fast asleep like a bird except that she was snoring loudly.I wanted to wake her up but I was scared of th
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 JOHN'S POV"Eniola why do you have anti-depressants in your bag?" I asked."Well it's for a friend, she asked me to buy it for her." Eniola said smiling."It's half filled Eniola."  I stated shaking the bottle."Well it's none of your business." Eniola said grabbing the bottle from my hand."You just made it my business." I screamed."Eniola, get inside the car please." I continued.Eniola looked at me briefly. She waited for me to open the car and she flew into it without saying a word. There was a moment of silence in the car as Eniola kept tapping her hands on her laps in nervousness."I am going to drive to where we can talk about this." I stated.I got no reply from Eniola as she looked outside the window. I sighed deeply and the car kicked into life. There was a provision store nearby a
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