Chapter 6 - Meeting With Him Again!

Three months later,

Kayla's POV:

Today was the final presentation of our design submission. Our company had set a ramp show for better showcasing of the dresses we have designed. After three months of hard work, we finally could submit our design.

It was my very first professional design. I worked countless sleepless nights to find out a perfect theme, I researched on fabrics, made surveys, then finally could set up a design.

It's a hard process. Ideas did not always come out of our heads.


I entered the company in my regular office attire and headed inside the seminar room. I was dumbfounded.

It was nothing less than a real fashion show. The exact type of set, stage, even a few famous designers as judges and real models were present there.

Holy fucking shit!

"Kayla, why were you so late? I was waiting for you for so long." My Supervisor Christy Fanning spoke.

"But it's not started yet. Cont you think that spending so much money for a summer collection launch is a bit too much?" I asked.

"I don't know. It was our CEO's order. He wants our clothing brand to rank 1st like the other two branches." She said.

"Ooo." The mention of the CEO reminded me of that night. Oh that was three months ago.

"Everyone is here. Still, why aren’t we starting the show?" I asked her.

"Because the CEO hasn’t arrived yet."

"Is he going to come too?" Instantly, my heart started beating faster.

It was stupid, but I couldn’t help it. How could someone control her involuntary muscles?

Kayla, don't fly too high. You are just a normal employee of his company. He won't even notice you. And the fuck? He must have already forgotten about you.

I didn’t know why my heart sank thinking about it.

Whatever! I am also Kayla Frost, I also don't care about it.

Besides, men were standing in a queue to go on a date with me. I could get hundreds of CEOs like Brandon. The internal feminist roared brushing off all the depressing thought. Now I was confident.

"Hey!" Someone said. I looked up to see it was Dean, one of our finance department staff.

"Hi!" I smiled slightly.

"Nervous?" He asked.

"Kinda," I spoke truthfully.

"Don't be beautiful. You are gonna rock it." He encouraged me.

"Thanks a lot,"

"But don't forget our promise," He reminded me.

"Like I would ever win. Hahaha." I laughed. I promised Dean to treat a dinner if I won.

Suddenly, I saw everyone’s attention shifting towards the door, our CEO entered with his assistant. He shook hands with the famous fashion designers who were invited as judges and the show finally started.

It wasn’t a real fashion show yet I was feeling extremely excited. The dazzling set up, luxurious presentation, famous judge panel - to say the truth, I felt like coming to this company was not a wrong decision.

It indeed taught me how to start a design from scratch and build your brand. Summer dresses, swimwear, bikini - this time our company focused on these three fields.

Every junior designer made their designs and after reviewed by the supervisor, it went straight to the head designer panel. They finalized the design but the company announced to reward designers for the best theme and idea if the selected dress can do better in the market.

Two hours later,

The last two hour was like a dream. Because the judges chose three dresses as the best and two of them were designed by me.

"Kayla, congratulations." My coworkers congratulated me. I was chosen as the most promising new junior designer. And they were going to launch two of my designs this summer.


One month later,

"Wow! Within a week, It's from sixteen to sixty-eight. It's insane." My supervisor spoke.

"Yeah, we even surpassed Jazzalace," I chirped.

I was currently watching the statistics of our company's sales. It had been only a month of our summer collection launch. As grand the program was, our dresses made a huge success in the market.

The summer dress and lingerie I designed, those two were the most popular. Women were buying those like hot cake.

My supervisor was showing me the rise in revenue for the new products. Currently, we were leading the market.


I heard a sound of notification on my phone. I checked it. It was an email for the success party of our new product. Every one of our company was invited.

What to do? I was invited as well. It was an office party. We colleagues, everyone drank a lot.

"Attention everyone! I know this is an occasion to celebrate our success but today I want to share something good with you. Every staff of our company is going to get a 15% bonus this month." Our head designer spoke.

Everyone cheered.

"And I have another thing to say. It's for the promising junior designers who contributed to the summer collection sale. This was planned by our CEO. Clara Brax, Kayla Frost, and Tommy, three of them are selected by the company as the most promising new employees. The dresses they designed were sold in the market very well. Considering sales, customer satisfaction, building a brand image, three of them are rewarded with a special privilege. Three of them are getting a chance to tour anywhere in Europe in three days, two nights. The company will bear the cost."

"Great tour!"


"I am so jealous!" I heard various reactions coming out of my co-worker's mouth.

"Three of them are getting four holidays and a holiday trip package." Said our Chief Operating Officer, Heff Martins.

It was amazing. I couldn’t believe that I was rewarded with this amazing privilege.

The CEO was right. The company treats it's employees fairly. We worked our ass off but at last, the fruit was sweet.


Seven days later,

Currently, I was sitting inside a taxi. I just reached Paris. It was 7 pm.

I headed straight to the most expensive five-star hotel. Normal people couldn’t afford this type of place.

What were you thinking was right. The company sure paid for our hotel stay but I couldn’t afford a hotel like this with the money.

I used my father's money here. He was an international VIP customer of this hotel. Dad had bought 20% shares of this hotel.

So, I used that privilege. Booking a presidential suite for a single person is nothing but a waste of money. So, I booked a luxury Single room.

The hotel staff showed me the room and carried my bag there.

But suddenly my phone beeped and I took it out of my purse. I was walking looking at my phone. My mom texted me.

I was about to call her but suddenly I bumped into somebody.

"Can't you see where you go?" Simeone spoke in a pissed voice.

"Sorry," I looked up to apologize.

I was startled for a moment after seeing the person.

"Y-you? I mean I am sorry. I didn’t see where I was going." I spoke somehow.

The person was nobody but the CEO of my company, Brandon Shield. He was wearing a Sky blue shirt and black denim. His sneakers clad fashionable legs gave him a younger look.

His frown eased instantly and a smirk played on his lips.

"It's okay gorgeous. If I bumped into you, then it was my pleasure." He winked at me.

I swallowed.

"How many days are you going to stay here?" He asked.

"Two days," I replied.

"Then I will see you very soon, gorgeous!" Saying, he walked past me, flashing me a seductive smile.

Oh God! Meeting this horny man again; I didn’t expect this. 


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