Billionaire's Bed Warmer

Billionaire's Bed Warmer

By:  LostpuppyJS  Completed
Language: English
131 ratings
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"I am going now but I will come again to claim what is mine. You know better than anyone that even if you don't love me, the pleasure your pussy seeks, only my dick can give it to you." Saying, Brandon pulled Kayla towards him abruptly. Pecking her lips, he walked out leaving Kayla flustered and enraged. Their bodies craved for each others. But they didn't believe in love. Once Kayla liked to be with Brandon but now she was running from him. She hated him.Brandon was hell-bent on catching her. Why did he think that she betrayed him?The journey they started together was based on lust. Would they ever find love?

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Brenda De La Mater
Such a great story!!!
2023-07-10 05:51:41
user avatar
just always like your other two books i read before.. awesome..great work author
2023-04-02 20:45:54
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Danielle Tyrrell
Great read, just binged in one day couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to read more of you books.
2023-03-15 21:10:48
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Jessica Blanchard
Great book! Love the story line. The only negative is there are so many typos and grammatical errors that at times, it was hard to read. I would advise you to edit it if you can .
2022-07-20 13:08:02
default avatar
Very good read! I so enjoyed the storyline and the novel was written well. Held my interest and worth reading. Awesome job author will be looking at more from you.
2022-07-18 11:48:07
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Arlenn Riano
pls unlock all episides its so nice story i liked it so much. thank you.
2022-02-03 10:21:27
user avatar
Donnabelle Gepilan
Amazing story, I love it from start to finish. Thank you for this wonderful stories. can you suggest other books you have? once again thank you ...️...️
2022-01-05 14:13:27
default avatar
Great story and loved it from start to finish.
2021-12-18 12:57:10
default avatar
enjoy the read...
2021-12-14 21:20:08
user avatar
Nurul Anis Abdul Halim
wahhh...even this one also soo good..
2021-09-11 20:58:38
user avatar
Blaisery Alonsagay
the story is so gooooood ...️
2021-09-10 21:33:45
user avatar
wonderful book
2021-08-10 05:07:57
user avatar
Cherrymae Saldaña Godin
nice story
2021-08-05 17:19:08
default avatar
Tonia Doug Nadeau
It’s a great book, loved it from beginning to the end.
2021-07-28 07:28:10
user avatar
Jayne Lanham
Wow really enjoy this book!!
2021-07-02 00:48:53
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66 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Drinking With A Stranger!
Kayla was sitting on a barstool, her long hair cascaded on her shoulder.She was sipping a light blue colored drink and frowning at the mobile screen. In this new city, she felt like she didn’t belong here and she felt homesick already. A bar was definitely the worst place for a girl if she came alone and didn’t look for any hookup. Countless men would try to get inside her pant. And same thing happened with Kayla too. So far she declined four men; they wanted to buy her drink. But their intention was pretty clear.She was finished with the drink and about to get up but the bartender placed a tumbler of Margarita before her."I didn’t ask for this." She scowled. She was feeling a bit tipsy now."The man sitting there bought you the drink, Mam." The young barte
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Chapter 2 : Regret Or No Regret!
Third Person's POV:The next morning,"Ahhhh," A low groan left Kayla's mouth as she slowly opened her eyelids. Her head was throbbing.She sat up slowly, eyeing the man sleeping beside her naked. She was naked too. The events of last night came rushing to her
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Chapter 3 - Interview!
Four days later,Kayla's POV:I applied to four companies. I thought coming here from New York would make dad change his mind. But he was stubborn.I didn't feel good here. Leaving New York was a bad idea.However, hoped everything would turn out good and I would be able to return to New York soon, to my 'home sweet home'.I entered the bathroom to have a nice relaxing bath. Filling the tub with lukewarm water, I dipped my body in it. My eyes closed as the comfortable water soothed my muscles. I leaned my head against the tub counter.Suddenly, the memory of four days ago played in my head. How I h
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Chapter 4 - Think With Brain!
Brandon's POV: I am Brandon Shield, CEO of the Shield Group of Companies, one of the giant conglomerates of the USA. 
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Chapter 5 - Double Meaning!
Two days later, Kayla's POV: I was searching for more jobs in the we
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Chapter 6 - Meeting With Him Again!
Three months later,Kayla's POV:Today was the final presentation of our design submission. Our company had set a ramp show for better showcasing of the dresses we have designed. After three months of hard work, we finally could submit our design.It was my very first professional design. I worked countless sleepless nights to find out a perfect theme, I researched on fabrics, made surveys, then finally could set up a design.It's a hard process. Ideas did not always come out of our heads.Whatever!I entered the company in my regular office attire and headed inside the seminar room. I was du
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Chapter 7 - Making Holiday Interesting!
Kayla's POV:What was he doing here?I didn’t expect to see him again.Whatever I closed the door and slumped my body on the couch.Taking a nice bath, I came out. I was feeling hungry. The jet lag got me good. Having the food, I lay on the bed.Wow! The bed was so soft, so fluffy, exactly like my bed in father's mansion. Slowly, I fell asleep.I woke up after two hours. I was feeling better and energized. I had only two days and then would have to return.I must make the best use of my privilege holiday.I got ready to explore Paris. I wore a sky blue crop top and skinny jeans. I tied my hair in
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Chapter 8 - The Talk!
Brandon's POV:I successfully finished a business project and signed a deal.Last three months, I had been working like crazy. I couldn’t get any chance to even breathe.I needed that holiday badly or I would have lost my mind. I couldn’t even get the chance to fuck
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Chapter 9 - The Deal ??
Brandon's POV: I entered inside the room and my eyes widened like fucking donuts. Kayla was wearing a black lacey panty and nothing else. Water dripped from her long hairs, she was applying lotion on her thighs, facing her back to me. Her tight round ass made my hands itchy to squeeze it tightly. I felt tightening inside my boxer. A semi wet towel was on the bed, along with her clothes. What the hell was wrong with that girl? What  was she doing standing here almost naked while keeping the door open? Should I call her name? I cleared my throat to catch her attention. Her body jumped instantly and
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Chapter 10 - Angry Kayla
I slammed the door shut after Brandon walked out of my room. I came to the bed and retired my body on it. I was gritting my teeth in anger.How could I leave my door open? He saw me almost naked.And what the fuck did he say?How dare he! How could he?
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