Chapter Seven

I blinked multiple times, rubbing my eyes for complete confirmation.

"Justin? Why are you here so late at night?" I asked, twittering. He hadn't ever come to my house, why today? Or any day? It felt so abash. I felt like getting swallowed by the ground. I winced bashfully. No one ever came to pay me a visit so I didn't notice the great distraught of living in such an improverish condition.

He didn't seem affected or fuddled. He had a neutral expression painted on his face that I felt like whacking him hard on the head so he would feel my chagrin and go away.

"Would you at least let him come in?" Caramel's voice reminded me of her presence and I shot her a displeased look through pursed lips. She had her arms folded across her chest, ignoring the fact that she was with her phone which was the only source of illumination at the moment, with an infuriated look on her face.

I smiled sheepishly at her and she seemed to cast me a sideway glance, a snigger came from her, causing my heart to throb faster at that look. The look she had clearly meant that she was in serious business and wouldn't mind to make the bullshit out of someone and that someone was going to be Justin. I clenched my fists with pursed lips. I couldn't allow her to download all those insults she had been keeping, on my Justin. I couldn't belief I just said that.

Justin nipped in, crossing his arms by his back, looking around the house to scrutinise its content. It would have been less of a shame if he wasn't doing that and just facing the floor. That was also a bad idea because the floor had a lot of cracks, holes, rats and other kinds of animals had constructed an apartment inside those holes of the floor.

I placed my hand on my forehead, lowered my head and deriving a great rue of Justin's decision on coming here. How did he even know where I lived when I never even told him. Well, that wasn't a big deal for him.

Justin sat on the couch, observably finding it hard to ignore the huge hole on it because he had his eyes wide opened then shook his head to get his gaze off it.

"I believe you would love some tea." Caramel said, walked slowly to where he was, a dirty look drawn on her face, placed her phone on the table to equally illuminate the room with the phone's torch.

"Yes, of course." He smiled, rubbed his palms with  an adorable grin on his face. "Sorry to bother you but I hope you don't mind if I have the lemon flavored." He smiled sheepishly.

Caramel threw him a vexed glare but was quick enough to wash it off with a fake broad smile. "Sure, I will." She smiled, turned her heels to the kitchen.

Justin's eyes followed her then immediately looked at me when she was at a considerable distance. "Who's she?" He asked in a whisper.

"My best friend." I whisper yelled, moved closer to where he was, sat beside him on the couch but the huge hole at the middle was enough to keep a significant distance between us.

"Why does she seem creepy?" He whisper yelled, placing his hand on my lap. The light robe caused me to feel his touch prudently enough to cause my heart to race faster and goosebumps appeared on my skin. I stiffed my body to his touch, craned my neck to look up at the ceiling via stiffed body.

"Creepy?" I twittered gently, "how?" I said, a sigh escaped from me when he removed his hand from lap. I wondered why Caramel wasn't back yet. We didn't even have water for tea… what if she wanted to do something stupid?

I turned my head to look at the kitchen but Caramel wasn't there anymore. I immediately stood up, scurried to the room which was the only place in the house except the living room, kitchen, storage room and bathroom.

"Caramel," I called on getting to the room. It was dark but she came out of nowhere causing me to squeak.

"Everything okay there?" Justin called from the living room and I replied with a positive nod of my head even when I knew he couldn't see me.

The room was suddenly lit with a candle and Caramel walked to the living room, ignoring my presence as I scuttled after her in confusion.

"I'm sorry but I forgot to say that-" she paused, gave him an obviously fake smile before yelling, "we don't have water supply!" She panted furiously like a hungry lion. "And why is this?" She asked rhetorically, caging Justin to the couch, showering him with her saliva.

I quickly ran to hold her, I held her hands to her back and she was struggling to let go off my grip. "Stay cool Caramel." I ordered, entirely sure that it wasn't going to change the mood she was in.

"This is all your fault you goddamn fucking asshole, Numbskull, dick, git of a jerk." She cussed as cross as two sticks, hot under the collar, ignoring the her overuse of synonymous words.

"I don't understand what you're saying or how this is my fault but-" he paused, obviously trying to control his anger. Justin was really cold, rude, arrogant but he tried his best to change because of me.

"I'm sorry." He forced out with a clenched fist as he stood up, ready to leave.

"Justin, wait." I called, stretched my hands forth like it would make him pause.

He obediently stopped, looked at my face then his red face turned into a smile which I genuinely returned with a short twitter laugh.

I left my grip of Caramel and scurried to meet him. I raised my hands forward and joined them together like I was praying. "I'm really sorry." I apologised.

Caramel clapped her hands with a sarcastic smile on her lips, "now, I'm the villain." She opened her mouth, sarcastically surprised. "Who is the one that never pays you and allows you to live in such a poor condition Eve? Who is the one who claims to love you but doesn't seem to care about the rag you wear as clothes and still take you out without even doing anything? Who is the one who allows you to work with a destroyed phone, allows you to live a terrible life and claims to love you?" She folded her arms across her chest.

I looked at Justin. He was foaming at the mouth, with all guns blazing. His eyes were really red because you could see it well enough even in the poorly illuminated room.

"Justin please calm down." I pleaded, cupped his face with my palms.

"Eve," she said less louder, "I expected you to support me and now you're doing this?" She asked rhetorically in a gloomy tone. I couldn't really tell if her eyes were glassy but it seemed so.

"Caramel, I don't even see the point of you doing this. You're overreacting when it's really nothing." I twittered, "you're only being dramatic." I removed my hands from Justin's face and didn't realise that he had his arms wrapped around my waist. It felt good for me to remove his hands so I left his arms there.

"You think I'm crazy, right?" She said really low in a gloomy tone, turned to leave but Justin's voice halted her movement.

"Caramel," he said in a relaxed tone, unwrapping his arms from my waist, "I am really sorry and promise to try my best to improve your living condition. I want you to know that I really love Eve and would give up everything just to be with her." He said genuinely.

Caramel turned to look at him with a pose smile. "Is that why you sprayed those gas on her parents in an attempt to kill them? Just so you could be with her?" She smirked.

"Caramel!" I scream and to my subconsciousness, I didn't know when I raised my hands and slammed it against her face.

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