His Obsession

His Obsession

By:  Gift Odulesi  Completed
Language: English
85 ratings
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How would one feel to be the obsession of a man? Terrible, right? I, Eve, was Justin Carter, a billionaire's obsession, his secretary/Personal Assistance under a 5-year contract; which meant I couldn't quit. He never stopped to pester me, knowing I was helpless. How was I going to handle the situation? He had been trying his best to make me his but there was an obstacle, his best friend, Mitchell Anderson, also obsessed with him and was torturing me to leave him for her… *** What was Eve going to do if she fell in love with Justin but those things that tried to create grave fear in their relationship were present. Could Justin's dominant and over-possessive nature be a negative or positive effect to anyone or anything? …..

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default avatar
Mitchel was infuriating. I think I've got to read your other novel! Well done author
2022-03-01 10:10:39
user avatar
Rosemary Paul
I love the book
2021-08-11 23:58:15
user avatar
Kitkat Walker
Amazing book. Amazing author! Huge twist near the end but don't lose hope. It really is worth it. I started to get angry but it ended much better than I had thought. Happy ending
2021-07-06 10:31:55
default avatar
Great book, awesome read from start to finish!!! Keep up the great work author will be reading more from you!!!
2021-06-26 10:16:49
default avatar
Such a good read! I couldn't bring myself to put it down... Awesome job, Author <3 Do you have any social media that I can follow?
2021-06-23 14:48:56
user avatar
Ailana Misha
It is Good book, Please read another awesome book, the title is FORCED MARRIAGE LIGHTNING, thank you <3
2021-05-20 15:12:30
default avatar
This was a pretty good story! A few things were left out that would’ve been great to be added, but otherwise it was a good read. Highly recommend. Good job author!
2021-03-28 04:18:40
user avatar
Evelyn Ursal Empon
love this book. cant wait to read more!!!!!!!!!!
2020-12-27 10:35:22
user avatar
Sarah Nichols
loved this book......
2020-12-18 16:17:14
user avatar
It was really a beautiful story but there were so many unbelievable twists. I really appreciate the efforts of writer but I think you can improve the story line.
2020-12-15 23:39:09
user avatar
John De
must be read
2020-12-02 14:27:43
user avatar
Stella A.
I liked it it was good
2020-11-22 04:50:44
default avatar
Lorna Asmolo
Nice story.
2020-11-14 18:47:29
user avatar
Finau McGoon
awesome, say 5 stars
2020-10-27 17:23:41
user avatar
Ma Carmen Tagupa
I love the story. unlike other books, i spent so much money but until now it has not come to an end yet. i love how the story ends. i love happy endings. good luck. thank you for the nice and interesting story.
2020-10-25 01:13:40
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76 Chapters
Chapter One
Hello readers,I'm so glad you decided to stop by and read my book. Thank you so much for that. Love you guys the most.Please don't leave bad comments on my book, please ignore errors. First published book, I'm glad it's at 90k reads now. Love you guys!💓You can please follow my Facebook Author page: Author Gift Odulesi.Facebook Group: Author Gift Odulesi (Gift's readers).Instagram: @giftodulesi.I love you guys a lot. Leave a nice five-star rating, please😘--------------------This exertion I was experiencing was driving the hell out of my knuckles, typing furiously on my office laptop, working for some asshole as his secretary really wasted my whole time. I was constantly giving my work an irrelevant emphasis. I decided to take a break, rested my head on the black leather chair I was sitting on, at the end, close to the glass wall of my rectangular office, painted in an exorbitant white paint, with a black theme that completely correlates with my black office chair and extortio
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Chapter Two
 I walked into his office since mine was completely inside his, separated by a glass wall so he could see what I was doing.I noticed him sitting on his chair with his legs crossed on the table, a tabloid blocked his face from noticing me.
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Chapter Three
I walked into the living room. I was a little bit happy at work today because that rascal in a deranged excuse of a boss was not around.    I threw my bag to a couch, adding to the pile of stinky things on it. I couldn't see it clearly because everywhe
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Chapter Four
I walked into the living room, turned on the switch. "Cara!" I yelled, completely stressed out. I pulled my red heels off, held it to view the large hole that emanated from its overuse, on the sole. I pulled the other one, threw them onto a shoe rack by the wall supplementary to the living room main, old wooden door.I wearily threw myself to the couch, hit my head on the wood of the couch, letting out a yelp.My stomach growled in dissatisfaction. I hadn't eaten anything today. I rolled over the couch, lifted my legs up before striking them on the floor.I exhaustedly stood up, placed my hands on my back to stretch my waist. I walked to the kitchen, separated from the living room by a waist-level wooden cupboard, opened the freezer to get something to eat but it was unfortunately empty. I walked to the only cupboard in the kitchen, supporting myself on the 36-inch counter, opened the cupboa
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Chapter Five
Chapter Five of his obsession I kept my pacing around Justin's office. I had never been this scared in my life. It wasn't that I was scared of Justin but I was scared if he was going to get angry and do something stupid. He hadn't come to work and it was quarter past three. I stopped by a little square fridge by the edge of the office to get something cold to drink. I opened it and to my surprise, it was completely stuffed with awesome things, ice-cream, yoghurts, wine, fruits, and other things. I wondered why I never noticed it.  I took a big apple, immediately took a huge bite and ingested it crazily and definitely not lady-like. I couldn't eat anything this morning.I only had a cup of old tea that we found in our basement. It didn't take anything close to long before I finished the apple and took another one and other th
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Chapter Six
I turned the door knob to open the door, ready to budge in but hit my bonce on the door when it didn't open, permitting a yelp from me.  The displeased hit of my noggin on the door caused me to ignore the malfunctioning doorbell and bang on the already descending door in an indignant manner that I reckoned that it was going to fall c
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Chapter Seven
I blinked multiple times, rubbing my eyes for complete confirmation. "Justin? Why are you here so late at night?" I asked, twittering. He hadn't ever come to my house, why today? Or any day? It felt so abash. I felt like getting swallowed by the ground. I winced bashfully. No one ever came to pay me a visit so I didn't notice the great distraught of living in such an im
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Chapter Eight
"What did you just do to me?" Caramel asked rhetorically, her jaw dropped to the floor as she kept on rubbing her hand against her face, definitely surprised at my action. I placed my hands down, put them by my sides. "I'm really sorry Cara." I apologised earnestly, attempting to hold her shoulders and resisting that idea. I finally decided to do it but she hastily halt
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Chapter Nine
I folded my arms across my chest, tapping my foot incessantly. I moved closer to catch a range of vision of the lady and mentally kept her face in my head for future purpose.  "Caramel," Alfy called and I twirled to look at him. He had a very intricate look on his face. He raised a questioning brow at me. "What's going on Cara?" He frowned, placing his hands on hips and
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Chapter Ten
10. Eve I promised myself to not believe whatever Caramel
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