Freya Rose Book One ~ Adored By An Alpha
Freya Rose Book One ~ Adored By An Alpha
Author: L.P. Dillon

Chapter One ~ Her Delicious Scent

Music boomed all around me as brightly colored lights rhythmically flashed, piercing through the darkness and illuminating my surroundings ever so slightly. I startled when two large hands wrapped themselves around my waist. He leaned in towards me, and I could smell a blast of his minty fresh breath as it brushed against my cheek. I watched as one of his hands delicately traced up my arm, leaving my hairs standing in its wake. My body stiffened when his fingers lightly etched tiny circles onto my bare skin. With my heart racing, his hand suddenly slid behind my hair. In a stark contrast to the tenderness it had just shown, it tightly gripped the back of my neck. 

“What the hell are you doing?” I questioned him in a raised whisper, not wanting to cause a scene. 

He didn't answer me, so I cautiously looked up at him. I tried to pull myself out of his grip, and panicked thoughts began to race through my mind. You’re not my boyfriend! I don't know you. Who are you? 

The man smirked at me and started to tighten his grip around the back of my neck. I could feel his nails gradually extending and scraping along my skin, snagging in my hair as they grew. My mouth fell open when I peered into his raven eyes. When he scowled at me in response, I instantly knew that I had made a huge mistake letting this monster touch me. 

I glanced around the room. I hoped that someone would have noticed what was happening to me. I hoped that somebody, anybody, would come to my aid. Or maybe, just maybe, Tristan would arrive and kick the guy's ass. My hope gradually died when my eyes roamed around the dimly lit room and saw that every single person had turned their backs on me. What the hell was going on? I thought as I glared back at the mysterious and frightening stranger. 

He opened his mouth into an evil smirk, and with a perfectly timed flash of the disco lights, I could have sworn I saw fangs. Fear instantly spread throughout my body as I searched his pitch-black eyes for answers, but there was nothing there. All that stared back at me was emptiness and hopelessness. 

Everything around me began to move in slow motion. I closed my eyes, and before I had a chance to open them up again, a sharp pain engulfed me. His nails pierced into my skin when he yanked my head to the side. With my eyes still firmly closed, I tried to squirm, but he dug his nails deeper into my neck and I lost all ability to move. 

My heart was racing, and my breath was a shallow pant as tears slowly began to stream down my face. An icy cold shiver ran down my spine, while his free hand swept my hair back over my shoulder exposing my neck. His unnaturally cold breath made my skin tingle when he lowered his face towards me, and my body automatically stiffened as his lips caressed my neck. I couldn't believe what was happening, it couldn’t be real. Please God, help me! I screamed in my head, begging for my life.

I felt the man’s lips part allowing him to taste my skin with his tongue. I tried to let out an almighty scream, but air is all that escaped my lips. He sank his fangs deep into my neck, piercing through my skin like the soft flesh of a peach. It sent a wave of scorching pain throughout my body like a volcanic sea of lava. The once-booming music was now a low hum, and I could feel the world slipping away from me. The little flashes of light that were once there, now faded away into hopelessness and empty darkness just like my attacker’s eyes. 

He hastily pulled his fangs out of my skin, making my legs weak. They were unable to hold up my weight any longer and buckled beneath me, making me collapse. My body fell to the side and my head slammed into the hardwood floor. I heard a woman scream as I lay there motionless, unable to open my eyes, or speak a word. I exhaled for the last time. No strength left in me to inhale again. Silence and peace washed over me as I succumb to the icy-cold hand of death.


 Freya Rose

Beep, beep, beep!

“Urgh,” I groaned as I rolled over in bed. I lazily waved my hand around in the direction of the incessant screeching noise. I missed my target a few times, swatting the bedside table instead. Feeling frustrated, but still too exhausted to open my eyes, I gave it one last go. 

Oh yeah, this jerk is going to get it! I thought as I lifted my hand up into the air, then brought it back down with all my might.

“Damn it!” I screamed out in pain when my hand collided with my alarm clock, bending my little finger back like it was some sort of contortionist. “You son of a bit...” I trailed off while shoving my injured finger into my mouth. I sucked on it in a pathetic attempt to stop it from throbbing. Well, that was a hell of a way to wake up. 

I carefully pulled my little finger out of my mouth to inspect it for damage. I half expected it to be broken and flopping around like a limp piece of spaghetti, with the ligaments and tendons held it on to the rest of my hand for dear life. I exhaled with relief when my pinky looked back at me in all its normality. Well, apart from a new purple hue on the inside of my knuckle. Feeling a small sense of victory, I flipped my alarm clock the middle finger while smugly shouting, “I win bitch!”

I gradually dragged my aching body up and swung my legs over the side of my bed. Gravity automatically took over and yanked my feet down to the floor, where they were instantly greeted by my cream-colored fluffy rug. I scrunched my toes into it a few times, stroking the luxuriously soft fibers like I did every morning. I had no idea why I did it, all I knew, was that I had done it every single morning for as long as I could remember. So, now it was more like a compulsion or habit than anything else. I sat on the edge of my bed for a moment then crouched forward towards my knees and rested my head in my hands.

The fight with the alarm clock and the pain in my finger had subsided slightly, but I felt like absolute crap. I had the mother of all headaches, and my eyes felt like I had washed them in a sandbox. I tried to ease the throbbing in my head by circling my fingers around my temples, but it wasn't helping at all. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh while my hands dropped to my sides in defeat. 

Suddenly, the bright morning sunshine engulfed my room and tried its best to penetrate my tightly shut eyelids. 

“Ahhh, are you seriously trying to kill me right now?” I squealed as I threw my hands up to shield my overly delicate eyes.

“Morning honey. Didn't sleep well again I see,” a chirpy woman's voice replied. 

She ignored my obvious discomfort. A discomfort that she had made a hundred times worse I might add, by not warning me that she was going to abruptly rip open my drapes and allow the blazing morning sun to burn holes into my dark and shriveled up soul. 

“I heard a bang and thought you'd need these,” she said with a slight giggle. She paused, I guess she was expecting me to look up to see what she was talking about. “Water and some painkillers,” she continued when I didn't respond. 

I heard her place them on my bedside table, before bending down and kissing me on the top of my head. I inhaled her scent as she pulled away, and I just loved how she always smelled of lavender and fresh coffee. A smile crept onto my face, instantly melting my frown.

“Thanks, Mom.” 

I lowered my hands away from my face, and slowly peeled my eyes open to look at her. She was a very attractive woman, with very soft features. She had a messy, dark blonde bob, that rested just above her shoulders. Her eyes were blue, but they had a gold ring around her pupils, so in certain lights they looked green. Around her eyes were some wrinkles, not deep ones, but just slightly noticeable when she laughed.

“I had that damn nightmare again,” I said with a heavy sigh.

“What happened this time?” She asked as she sat down on the bed beside me.

“There was music, and dancing, people laughing and having fun. Then, this God-awful scream, and it all goes black. I don't remember the rest, but it scares the hell out of me, and I always wake up with this banging headache.” 

I lowered my head back down into my hands. Her arm slide over my shoulder, sending a cold shiver down my spine. I shook off the weird feeling of Deja vu and allowed her to pull me in for a hug. 

“The dreams are getting more frequent, aren't they?” She asked in a quiet but concerned voice. 

“Yeah, they are.” 

With a sigh, I rested my head on her shoulder, and she kissed the top of my head again.

 “It will be alright, Honey. Maybe you're just stressed out from your exams? Now that they’re all finished, hopefully the dreams will stop.” She slowly stood up and pointed towards my bathroom. “Now get ready, we have your graduation today, or did you forget?” 

She stood in front of me with a smirk on her face and one eyebrow slightly raised.

“Oh crap,” I shouted out while immediately jumping to my feet and sprinting towards the bathroom. 


“Sorry mom,” I yelled out and I could hear her giggling as she left.


I stood in front of the bathroom mirror to check out what mess I was working with today. 

“Urgh. You look like crap!” I said out loud to my reflection, and the cheeky bitch gave me a disgusted look in reply. 

My eyes were so sore, so I pulled down my bottom eyelids to inspect them. They were usually bright blue in color and sparkled in the light. Today they were dull, bloodshot, and crudely cradled by large, dark gray bags. It looked like I had been crying all night. Or had been punched in the face by a gorilla. 

I huffed and turned my attention to my usually neat and shiny, mousy brown hair. 


I raised my left eyebrow in shock and disgust. It looked like I'd been dragged through a hedge backwards. It was sticking up all over the place and was matted together too. 

“You look like you've put your finger in a plug socket,” I mocked my reflection while I pointed my finger at her. 

I quickly turned away from the devastation that was my reflection and locked my fingers together. I pushed out my palms, then lifted them above my head into a stretch. I was now prepared for the makeover task I had ahead of me. I clapped my hands together and cheered, 

“Let's do this!”

I turned the shower on and waited for it to warm up. Once steam began floating up into the air, I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, before throwing it towards the washing basket. 

“Yes!” I roared with excitement.

I fist pumped the air in celebration, as I watched my t-shirt drop into the basket perfectly. Pulling my boxer-style underwear down, I threw them in there too.

“Meh,” I said with a shrug when my underwear hit the side of the basket, then hung on to the edge for dear life. 

It's technically in, and that's good enough for me, I thought. 

I walked across the bathroom and stepped into the shower. The warm water didn't hit my skin right away, instead it was soaking into the matted fuzz I now had instead of hair. I felt the weight of the water pushing my hair down, so I moved my hands over it and tried to flatten it down a bit. The water then flowed down my body and it felt incredible. Satisfied that my hair was wet enough, I grabbed the shampoo and began massaging it into my hair and scalp. 

I stepped back under the shower to wash out all of the bubbles. The bubbles and water began to slither down my face and tickled my nose. I quickly rubbed my nose with my hand trying to subdue the itch. As my hand thrashed around itching my nose, I inadvertently pushed shampoo bubbles into my eyes. 

“Damn it to hell!!” I screamed when my already sore eyes, began to sting and itch like. 

I jumped up and down on my tippy toes while flapping my arms around. What this did to help, I had no idea. Although, I was sure that if anyone was watching, they would have had a laugh at the demented, naked, chicken dance I was currently doing.

I finally got my shit together, tilted my head back, and shoved my face under the stream of water. Gradually the stinging subsided, and I was able to open my eyes again. I sighed and shook my head as I thought to myself, I already can't wait for this day to be over.

I continued my shower and conditioned my hair. I worked it through with my fingers, making sure I got every little knot and tangle out. I left it in while I washed my body and shaved my ridiculously hairy legs and armpits. Sometimes, I just couldn't be bothered, so I let them grow wild. I finally washed out the conditioner and turned off the shower. 

I got out of the shower and pulled a towel off the rail; I then flipped my head forwards and wrapped my hair up in it. I put another towel around my body and secured it in the middle of my chest. I walked back to the mirror and glanced at my more refreshed and pinker looking complexion. 

“Now you look a bit more human,” I sniggered as I spoke to my reflection again. 

I put some drops in my eyes to combat the redness, but with one eye now looking like I had a bad case of pink eye, I just sighed in defeat and left the bathroom to go and get dressed.


I pulled my closet door open and stood there contemplating what to wear under my graduation gown. I should have sorted an outfit out beforehand. My best friend Cassie had nagged me to do, but hey, I always leave things till the last minute, so why change now? 

I let out a giggle and started pushing outfit after outfit aside, trying to find the perfect one. I was getting super-hot. So, I whipped the towel off of my head and shook out my long, wavy hair, letting it fall down to the middle of my back. I ran my hands through it and shook it out as I went.


I jumped out of my skin when two large hands wrapped themselves around my waist and pulled me backwards. making me lose my footing. My back hit his hard chest and he automatically brought his face down into the crease of my neck. I was used to him sneaking up on me like that, but for some reason, I was on edge today and I couldn't shake a strange uneasy feeling. My body began to tremble. Why do I feel like this? 

“Baby?” Tristan asked me softly. 

In an instant, my body reacted to his familiar voice and I relaxed slightly. It was as if my body had a mind of its own. My brain knew that the strong arms around my waist, and the breath that brushed my neck were my boyfriends. But it took a while for my body to get the memo. 

I began to feel somewhat normal again, but my body froze in fear when he inhaled deeply, taking in my scent. Another wave of Deja vu washed over me and my heart pounded, while my mind filled with panic.


Tristan Cole

After checking on a few things at work, I jumped into the car and drove over to Freya's house. I pulled up and got out of the car, then walked towards the house. It was a small house in comparison to my own, but I loved being there, it always smelled like fresh coffee and it was so cozy and homely. I knocked on the door and patiently waited. I heard footsteps coming down the hallway towards me, then the door opened, and a warm smile greeted me.

“Good morning Tristan, don't you look handsome today,” Eleanor said sweetly.

“Thank you, Eleanor. You look lovely,” I replied politely. She blushed a little then said with a giggle, 

“Thank you, Tristan. Flattery will get you everywhere.” 

She turned around and began to walk back down the hallway. “Are you coming in?” She shouted back as she turned toward the kitchen. 

I entered the house and closed the door behind me.

“Is Freya ready yet?” 

“No, she's upstairs. You can go up if you like. Tell her to get a move on, or she won't have time for breakfast,” she shouted back through.

“Ok, I'll make sure she's down in a bit. She can't miss your breakfast it smells too delicious.”

I walked past the kitchen and began to climb the stairs. Her giggle echoed through the hallway as I reached the top of the stairs. I got to Freya's bedroom and gently pushed open the door. There she stood, wrapped in a crisp white towel, the absolute love of my life. I watched while she frantically pushed outfit after outfit aside. I sniggered knowing that she had left picking out an outfit for her graduation until the very last minute. She was always the same, always late, and always unprepared, but it was one of the cute little quirks that made me love her even more. 

She suddenly took the towel off of her head and dropped it to the floor. Shaking out her gorgeous long brown hair, she began running her fingers through it. Her fingers slid effortlessly through the wet strands, making tiny water droplets roll down the soft skin on her arms. I couldn't resist the primal urge to capture her, so I crept forward as quietly as I could. I then slipped my hands around her waist and pulled her back into my arms.

“Ahhh!” She screamed as she stumbled back a little, slamming into my chest. 

She always startled when I snuck up on her, but this time it felt different. As soon as her body began to tremble, I squeezed her tighter to try and calm her down. Her breathing was labored, and her heart was racing. She had never reacted to me like that before.

“Baby?” I spoke softly into her ear. 

She let out a deep sigh of relief and I felt her body relax within seconds of hearing my voice. What on earth is going on with her today? I thought as I leaned into the crease of her neck and inhaled deeply, taking in her delicious scent.

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