Freya Rose Book Five ~ Saved By A Sire King

Freya Rose Book Five ~ Saved By A Sire King

By:  L.P. Dillon  Ongoing
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Freya Rose has an epic fight ahead of her, but she's ready for it. Coming up against fallen angel Azael isn't going to be easy, but with her pack of hybrids beside her, she feels confident that victory will be hers. But as we know from past experience, nothing in Freya's life ever goes to plan, and I have a feeling that now is going to be no different.In this fifth episode of the Freya Rose series, we meet some new fantastical characters, and we lose some much-loved ones too. With plenty of drama, humor, and new love interests, I doubt you're going to want to miss what happens next.In this book, we also have a character called Lucy popping in for a visit. Lucy is from the Angels and Demons series written by the amazing J.C. Seal. She has collaborated with me and helped me add in some new excitement, and possibly a happily ever after for one of my characters.I know right!? A happily ever after, in my series? I hear poor Freya asking, "what's one of those?"Anywho, jump into the next instalment of the Freya Rose series to find answers to many of the questions you had at the end of Heartbroken By A Hunter.

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20 Chapters
Chapter One - What have I done?
Samael Wulf After asking Kali to marry me, she was surprisingly silent for the first time in her life. I could see her eyes beginning to well up as a smile stretched across her sadistic face. Looking at her slight smile reminded me of Freya, and I imagined that it was her standing in front of me, accepting my hand in marriage. That would have made me the happiest vampire alive. As Kali's smile widened, those murderous fangs of hers peeked out beneath her ruby red lips. My heart sank into the pit of my stomach with a mix of disgust and apprehension. "Yes, Sam. I thought this day would never come!" She replied while hurtling herself at me. In a split-second decision, I caught her, but it was very close. If I’d taken a few more seconds to mull it over, the nasty bitch would have slid right down my body and landed on her ridiculously perfect ass. She would have deserved it too.I wrapped my arms around
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Chapter Two - That went well
Freya Rose I awoke still sandwiched between the twins. The low thump of their hearts was hypnotic, and strangely I could tell which beat belong to each. Marik's was slightly faster with the occasional skip, Traian's was slower and more consistent. Their heavy breathing filled my ears, and if I wasn't dying for a pee, it would have easily sent me back off to sleep. I stayed there for as long as I possibly could, but it was no use.It’s either get up and run to the bathroom, or pee in the bed."I'd prefer the latter. As much as I adore you, laying in your pee-soaked sheets, is a little out of my comfort zone," Traian's sleepy, yet extremely sexy voice startled me. I lay there stiff as a board, with my eyes tightly closed, and my cheeks beginning to flush. I had completely forgotten that he could hear my thoughts. I was used to keeping Selene out, but now I had to learn how to shut him out too.
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Chapter Three - I need to stop her
Samael Wulf I watched while my brothers formulated a plan to rescue Kali. They stood in front of the Overlook hotel. Ash was resting his arm around Andy's shoulder while he pointed towards an open window. Clutching onto the stake that I'd brought with me, my hand shook uncontrollably, as I silently edged towards my brothers. My heart was screaming at me to drop my stake and find another way, but my head knew, there was no other choice. If they rescued Kali, my secrets would be out. She'd stop at nothing to exact her revenge. I couldn't risk it, I'd finally got rid of the evil bitch from mine and my brood’s lives, there was no way I could let her poison seep back in. With a deep breath and a tear rolling down my cheek, I clasped ahold of Andra's shoulder, and before he even had a chance to turn his head, I thrust my stake through his back. I yanked on his shoulder and plunged my stake deeper into his heart.
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Chapter Four - I don't trust her
Freya Rose Selene howled into the air as she charged towards me. I ascended, revealing my magnificent grey wings. I wanted to fight her a little first because Traian's words kept swimming around in my mind, ‘you haven't been trained to fight her yet. You're not strong enough.’ Knowing that I could ignite and stop her at any moment, gave me the confidence I needed to fight her. I prepared myself to jump into the air as soon as she reached me, but I didn't get the opportunity. From the corner of my eye, I saw a blur."Traian, no. She's mine!" I screamed out in dominance, but he didn't listen.He tackled her to the floor, pinning her to the ground. Within a few seconds, I could smell Marik approaching. I huffed and descended. I felt like stomping my foot on the floor, but I didn't want to look childish. Instead, I stormed off shouting a few profanities. Marik slowed down as I charged towards him.
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Chapter Five - So now what?
Samael Wulf “Freya? That bitch...” Selene hissed.Without thinking I rushed her, grabbing her by the throat and smashing her into the wall. With her pinned to the wall with one hand, I pointed my finger into her face with the other. With gritted teeth I hissed into her face,“Don’t you ever call her that. You hear me?”“B... But, Sam...” She gasped out.I suddenly let her go when I realized that she couldn’t breathe. She fell to the floor, clutching at her throat while she struggled to catch her breath. Usually, she’d have been able to throw me off of her with ease, but she couldn’t. She was weak.“What’s happened to you? Why are you so weak?”I walked away while I waited for her to answer. Opening up the drawer I took out a pair of boxers and pulled them on underneath my towel. Once on, I whipped the towel
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Chapter Six - All your fault
Freya Rose Finnley stayed in the car with Lorena and Draco. He’d been avoiding me a lot lately, so any opportunity he had to ditch me, he took it. I was quite surprised that he wouldn’t want to come back and hear out our plan to strip Selene of her powers. It hurt a lot to know that he hated me more right now than he hated Selene. I had to ignore the pain though, I had too much going on to worry about his feelings, and I didn’t have time to fix it with him.“Well, if Gideon doesn’t care about anything in this world, including his family. I don’t see how we’re going to convince him to hand over that Phoenix power of his,” Marik remarked.“But he did give back my power,” I spoke up.“Yeah, but that was because mother told him to. I’m guessing if she’s his dealer, then he’s not going to disobey her, is he?” Traian chim
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Chapter Seven - Be careful Luna
Freya Rose We'd made our way back to the cabin, and I for one was exhausted. All I wanted to do was get in, grab some dinner, then head to bed, but as we got out of the car, we heard the screams. I slammed the car door and edged toward the cabin. Traian glanced over at me, and when we heard a crash of what sounded like furniture, we sprinted up the drive. After Traian flung open the door, he ducked and I instinctively followed suit. Above our heads flew the back half of an arm chair.My eyes observed its path through the air, then fell upon Marik poised in a karate stance. He jumped into the air, then spun around and high kicked the back of the chair, sending it hurtling towards the trees. When he landed back on the ground, he let out an exaggerated groan that would rival Jean-Claude Van Damme himself. I laughed my ass off at him while the teens shook their heads. The slight smiles on their faces vanished when the Lyc
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Chapter Eight - Let's go hunting
Mason Hart I’d been cooped up in my room for days. I’d only left my bed to use the bathroom, then headed straight back and hid under the covers. The guy that called himself Evan kept trying to get me to remember things. He told me stories of his childhood, jam-packed full of details about this Mason guy. It didn’t mean anything to me. Sure, he was probably telling the truth but what did that matter? I couldn’t connect with any of it. In some ways, I wished I wasn’t Mason, because at least then I wouldn’t feel like I’d lost everything.I was so lost. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t remember a damn thing. It made no sense to me, I knew what objects were called and what they were for, but I couldn’t remember my name, what my favorite color was, food or drink. Hell, I didn’t even know what hobbies I liked, or what I did for work. Evan had been helpful, but
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Chapter Nine - She's crazy
Samael Wulf I was shocked to see Kali. I wanted to know what she was doing here, how she got out, and why she was so different. Every ounce of her screamed innocence and purity. I had no idea what had happened, or what Selene was playing at. Was it a trick? Magic maybe? What did Selene have to gain by bringing her back here? I needed answers, and quickly, before my brain exploded from all the theories swimming around in it.“What the fuck is going on?” I demanded an answer from Selene.With a sly grin on her face she walked over to the couch opposite me and sat down. She patted the seat next to her and Kali made her way over and sat down. Selene opened her mouth to speak but was quickly interrupted by my office phone. She rolled her eyes before nodding towards the phone. I sighed and got up to answer it.“Hello… really? Crap. Okay I’ll let her know right away. Thank you for
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Chapter Ten - I'm in love with you
Freya Rose “What the hell, Sam?” My gaze turned back to him, “Why is she in a cage. I mean not that I’m complaining, but why is she human?” I pushed on his chest slightly, and stepped back, “What’s going on?”He stepped forward and held my arms again, then turned me around to face Kali.“Take in a deeper sniff, she’s not human.”I closed my eyes and did as instructed. I gasped a little when the scent swirled around in my nose. I could pick out the different fragrances and they built an image up in my mind. I could tell exactly what she was. I opened my eyes and turned to face Sam again.“The vampire side of her is gone. The hunter side remains, but there's something else. Something pure and innocent, I can’t tell what that is.”“It’s angel energy. I have an idea of what happened, but I need to ex
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