[04] Rose tattoo

~Kara's POV~

"Is this really necessary?." I asked adjusting my tie in front of the dressing mirror.

"Yes, I mean it's what your Dad would have wanted, besides you have a scholarship so why joepardize that huh?." Nana replied and asked while arranging my bag for me.

"Speaking of the scholarship, any ideas where that came from." I said facing her now fully dressed and ready.

"Wow you look ... Feminine in that uniform and your tattoo spices the look." She said as her eyes went wide, looking me up and down.

"Oh please." I said sarcastically waving her complement off, while she laughed and I joined her.

I was still wandering why she didn't answer my last question, anyways on the brighter side I've got a scholarship to attend, one of best schools in town.

"Ready?." She asked handing me my blue school bag, as I took one last quick glance at the mirror.

The uniform was made up of a blue below the knee flare skirt... A cross between high fashion and teenage boy fantasy... A white button up shirt, and a blue tie and finally a black blazer, that had the school's badge on it... Haven High School A.K.A HHS.

"I'm ready." I said finally, sighing heavily as I collected my backpack.

During the drive to the school, we chatted along...

"This is a big step Kara and I'm happy you agreed to finally stay with me."

"Me too." I said smiling back at her.

"You need to learn to live a normal life Kara, have friends and blend in, it's a big world out there, right here, and it begins from here." She said as we pulled into the school premises.

"I'd do my best, the making friends part though we both know how that would turn out." I managed a small smile as I step out of the car, blazers drapped over my shoulder and my backpack on the other.

"Be good Kara, come by the office when school's over."

Yeah the gazette was just few blocks away from my school...

"See you later Nana!." I said and gripped the handle of my bag tighter.

I watched her drive away, as I sighed heavily and walked towards the school building, taking in the grand style aura in front of me and all around me.

I could see other students, well dressed and walking out of fancy cars, with flashy uniforms of all sought. I took one last glance at myself, my tattoo looked perfect, Rose plastered on my left knee, the length of the skirt made it very noticeable. My black sneakers was perfect too.

My long blonde hair was stretched making it longer as it fell flat down my shoulders and back, while my fringe hung just above my brows... Yeah Nana took me to the salon and had me made over for my first day at high school.

I didn't apply make up although Nana wanted me to, she said so I'd look normal, but we both know I'm not normal!...

At least I put on pink lipstick, I breathed in heavily as I finally reached the top of the steps and pushed the glass door open, which opened to a hallway of a large number of students, standing by their lockers, talking to friends or even just wandering around.

I walked head up, because I was too sure of my self, as I wandered through the hallway to find my locker... As I walked through the hall, I could feel people staring and whispering about me and my tattoo.

When I finally found my locker damn I was grateful, almost immediately eyes and whispers dart from me... The new girl with the rose tattoo... As someone exclaimed in the hallway...

"He's here!."

Just then this handsome figure walked in, his presence filling the hallway.. you could hear shrieks and squealing from girls as he walked passed them and other guys watched him in admiration.

"I can't believe he's really here!." Another girl exclaimed from the other side of the hallway.

He looked familiar... Who I'm I kidding?... Everyone knew him... He was the famous billionaire boy Lance Sterling... How'd I miss that?... So he attends Haven High too?... I smirked at that thought, grabbed my books and headed for my first class, as the bell rang calling everyone out of Lance Sterling's spell...

Well I'd admit he had the charisma, fame and all, and he was definitely the kinda of guy a girl could droll over while thinking about him, I would have been spellbound too like those girls, if I didn't know Lance Sterling, I mean like personally...


School today moved quite quickly and guess what it was Lance's first day as well... School was over now, as I headed over to drop my books and make my way out of this building as fast as I can, because my first day at high School right now was bad, like I've already been given a name... The girl with the rose tattoo...

Like seriously!... If this was how school was, I would definitely consider dropping out, I mean even for big posh schools... C'mon...

Immediately I stepped out, I was grateful at the fresh air and sense of freedom the atmosphere held, as I hastily skipped the stairs, then a voice stopped me in my tracks...

"Kara wait!." He yelled pressing through the crowd, I didn't have to turn around to know it was...

Lance!... Ugh!...

I spun around and facing him hands crossed against my chest.

"Why are you in such a hurry?."

"Because I don't wanna be here, I hate school." I replied.

"At least ride with me." He offers smiling.

"No!... I'll walk thank you." I replied irritated that he was wasting my time.

"Alright then, I'll walk with you!."

Jesus!... Seriously why I'm I always stuck with him?...

"Your driver would be here any moment."

"I'd text him to pick me up at the gazette."

I huffed but then I was grateful I wasn't gonna be walking alone.

"Okay." I said and started to walk away.

You might be wandering how someone like me, knows someone like him, well Lance and I have the same kind of past so to say and I met him three years ago after my Dad died, he'd also lost his Dad that period too... He lives at his Manor with his Mom and legal guardian, Drew Atler a man who has served his parents for a very long time...

So yeah I would say we were alike and he was my only friend apart from Nana king though...


A/N: Catch you in the next chapter, No action yet, I decided to start low and not rush into all the drama. Keep rating and commenting...Thanks.

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