Shades Of Kara

Shades Of Kara

By:  TheShadyButterfly  Completed
Language: English
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Kara Blue is a fifteen year old pariah, whom has been running away all her life after her Mom was allegedly taken away ten years ago. Ten years later and all grown up now, Kara is on a quest for answers as she dives into some personal investigation concerning her Mom's whereabouts, in the process she stumbles on some sketchy information and finds out secrets regarding her true identity and the circumstances surrounding her Father's death that changes her life forever.

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57 Chapters
Her name is Kara Blue, I watched her turn fifteen years, she loved to skate and also run away... You might wonder from what?... From the shades and shadows of her past, which has made her a pariah because she has passed through a lot in her short life and people don't wanna associate with someone like 'her'... Emphasis on the 'her'...But everything that has happened, the pain, sorrow, deaths, anger and all, has made her who she is today, fearless but... (Insecure) she doesn't have a heart anymore because everything that has happened to her has killed it and her conscience performed the ritual of burying her heart. She loves no one, all she can feel is pity, hatred and anger for her life, and anytime she thinks about it, shadows haunt her, she's into herself and I bet you, she lets no ONE in...She doesn't believe in love anymore from what I'd noticed so far, some may say it's because she'd never had anyone to love her but I tell you they are wrong.
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[01] The beginning
18th June, 2000..."James please, there has to be another way..." Sara Blue, my mother said weeping bitterly as my father, James Blue cupped her face, that had unruly brown, and damped hair that was soaked from tears."I'm sorry Sara, I'll make it right I promise." He said as the officers cuffed his hands and made to take him away."Please wait!." He cried out and their grip on his shoulders loosened a little as he placed his forehead against hers."First steps... Birthdays... Skinned knees, please I need you, I can't do this alone Jim." She whispered as she sobbed silently, placing a hand on her swollen abdomen."You're a strong woman Sara, you've been the best wife any man could have wished for... Please be strong for me and raise our daughter to be like you, strong, fearless and loving." My mother laughed painfully at his loving words, as he placed a hand over hers on the swollen a
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[02] How it all started
FEW DAYS LATER..."Mom!..." She screamed as she felt liquid flow rapidly down between her thighs.She was feeling dizzy and somewhat weak as Granny came to her rescue, packed her stuff and some baby things and headed straight to the hospital. She was wheeled Immediately from the emergency Ward to the labour ward.Ok you might be wandering how do I know all this... I wasn't there... But my Mom really was detailed with the bed time stories...Yeah yeah let me save you all the boring sad drama...I was born period!... Let's take a leap shall we?...  •••FIVE YEARS LATER...October 7th, 2005...Oh I remember this day all too well...My Mom and I were having some mother-daughter bonding time as she read to me from my favorite story book. It was a cool autumn Saturday evening.I sat
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[03] Nightmare
BACK TO PRESENT DAY...~Nana's POV~I returned home from the News Gazette a little after Nine in the night, climbing up the concrete stairs to get to my apartment, unlike before climbing up this stairs today was dreadful, I was thankful immediately, I reached the last floor of the three story building. My small apartment was located in Room 13...On getting to the door I rapped at it once, before remembering to use my keys, but then at the same time the door was open.Who was in the house?... I don't remember inviting anyone over for the night...I reached for my gun, inside my purse, you might wonder what I'm doing with a gun, but this is Devil's Basket, you gotta expect the worse.As I pushed open the door and stepped into the dark living room gingerly...Few steps into the house and a silhouette was holding a kn
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[04] Rose tattoo
~Kara's POV~"Is this really necessary?." I asked adjusting my tie in front of the dressing mirror."Yes, I mean it's what your Dad would have wanted, besides you have a scholarship so why joepardize that huh?." Nana replied and asked while arranging my bag for me."Speaking of the scholarship, any ideas where that came from." I said facing her now fully dressed and ready."Wow you look ... Feminine in that uniform and your tattoo spices the look." She said as her eyes went wide, looking me up and down."Oh please." I said sarcastically waving her complement off, while she laughed and I joined her.I was still wandering why she didn't answer my last question, anyways on the brighter side I've got a scholarship to attend, one of best schools in town."Ready?." She asked handing me my blue school bag, as I took one last quick glance at the mirror.The uniform wa
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[05] Messenger
~Kara's POV~CONTINUATION..."So how's the investigation going so far?." He asked as he fell into step beside me."So far?... " I laugh at his choice of words."... It's been three years Lance and still nothing, no lead, no nothing, the vipers couldn't have just disappeared after murdering our parents." I said emotionless."Apparently Mario Piper was framed... He wasn't related to the case.""I figured, seems like we're gonna have to handle this by ourselves.""If I find anything I'll let you know." He said and smiled with assurance.***The Central Police Department, was the most lawless place in all of the Basket, so to say, the place was always terrible, busting with criminals of all sorts waiting for trial or transfer, or witness coming in and out for questioning, or even stray teens like myself..."Hey kid what'ya i
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[06] Viper crest
~Kara's POV~CONTINUATION..."Your Mother sent me." He said with authority this time around.I winced as I drank in his words... "My Mom?..." I asked like I didn't hear him correctly, standing gingerly."She said to give you this!." He said and reached for inside his jacket, I still was cautious just in case, because the whole situation was screaming danger.He pulled out a black leather bag, and  handed it to me, I grabbed it with my left hand warily, gripping my knife tighter and ready for attack, in case he tried anything funny."What's in it?." I asked him carefully, because this guy looked like danger."You want my advice, adhere to whatever is in there!." He answered sternly definitely not in the mood for a conversation."How I'm I sure, it's really my Mother who sent you?." I asked again."Your Mom was right, you never
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[07] Case files
~Kara's POV~School today was long and stressful, the students at this school where just a bunch of douchebags, they weren't as posh as I expected. I decided to remain low key and not draw too much attention although, I still earned glances, stares and side talks while I passed by.After school I went straight home, Lance dropped me off. On getting to the apartment we chatted a while..."So how have you been holding up, still having nightmares?.""Uhm... The nightmares just come in shades now though, I'll be seeing it for a moment and then all of a sudden it just vanishes, like there's something blocking the connection, I keep feeling there's a part of me missing some where in my mind, not sure how, why or when though!... I just can't still wrap my head around everything that's happening." I shrugged."Same, mostly about the revolver pistol with the viper crest on it." He said and shoved his ha
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[08] Billionaire boy
~Lance POV~Staring out the window that overlooked the city, this beautiful city, which my forefathers had helped bring to this flare and which I have come to love as my home, but at the same time dread because of the vices that go on, and are unpunished... Don't we have a law?... Oh yes we do!... But whoever was behind the scenes in all this situations definitely considered themselves above the law.I could consider myself as such too, considering the money and riches left in my name and bequeathed to me by my late father, I could do anything I want, but right now I don't even know what I want!... Everyday I wake up, hoping for something very promising, I even started school to... you know live a normal life but there's this void within me, that I can't still wrap my head around, anytime I try to think it out, it's as if something is blocking me out of my own mind.Days moved so fast, and became weeks, weeks into months and
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[09] Favourite book
~Lance POV~"Hey, I figured you'd be here!." I said to her, standing a few feet away as she turned around to greet me with a warm smile.I had gone by Nana's apartment and it was locked, and that's when I knew because there's only one place she likes going to, especially when she wants to think or just separate herself from the world and all the overwhelming thoughts running through her mind.The docks...Knowing what she comes here for, I just sit still beside her on the docks, enjoying the calm and the sound of water wheezing on the golden brown sand that was glowing under the warm twilight sun.I remember when we use to come here years ago, it seems like such a long time now with all that has been happening. The first time I came here with her was the day we became friends after our first encounter at the CPD.She had ran away from Nana, like she used to say her past
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