[08] Billionaire boy

~Lance POV~

Staring out the window that overlooked the city, this beautiful city, which my forefathers had helped bring to this flare and which I have come to love as my home, but at the same time dread because of the vices that go on, and are unpunished... Don't we have a law?... Oh yes we do!... But whoever was behind the scenes in all this situations definitely considered themselves above the law.

I could consider myself as such too, considering the money and riches left in my name and bequeathed to me by my late father, I could do anything I want, but right now I don't even know what I want!... Everyday I wake up, hoping for something very promising, I even started school to... you know live a normal life but there's this void within me, that I can't still wrap my head around, anytime I try to think it out, it's as if something is blocking me out of my own mind.

Days moved so fast, and became weeks, weeks into months and

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